John Capik

John Capik

John Capik was born in 1895 in Czechoslovakia and later settled in Carteret and Port Reading, NJ.

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Early Life and Education

John Capik was born and raised in Florida but spent most of his adult life in Hamilton, New Jersey. A beloved member of his community, devoted father and grandfather, enthusiastic supporter of his church as well as numerous charities, he had a deep-seated desire to travel which was fulfilled on several occasions.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to explore much beyond his home state of South Korea, but he did have some exciting adventures that put him in the company of some renowned figures from around the globe. For example, he was named a delegate at the World Congress of Animal Health – considered one of the premier animal health conferences globally – and one of only few delegates invited to take part in IAAE’s annual convention. Despite all his travels, his most rewarding experience was meeting and working with those whom he had hoped to impact through work for their wellbeing.

Professional Career

John Capek has achieved international renown as a composer, songwriter, keyboard player, producer and arranger. His compositions have been recorded by numerous music icons such as Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Cher, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker, Toto and Olivia Newton John.

He has featured as a guest artist on numerous albums by various artists, as well as being part of the musical production for many films and television programs. Additionally, he holds a PhD in Ruminant Animal Health from Texas A&M University, where he currently serves an assistant professorship within their College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences located in Canyon, TX. Additionally, he’s part of their Veterinary Pathobiology Department.

Achievements and Honors

John Capik was a pioneer in the high tech business end of aerospace. A highly respected member of society, he also had an affable demeanor. Most proud of his three sons, four daughters and one boffo baby he raised himself, John Capik achieved many things but most notably served as King for over 25 years over this high powered clan he so proudly led. After his tragic passing away, his legacy continues to span both America and beyond.

Personal Life

On Monday, John Capik, a longtime Carteret resident and member of St. Anthony’s Church in Port Reading, passed away. For many years he worked at U.S. Metals Refining Company of Carteret before his passing.

After retiring, he continued teaching part time substitute lessons at Carteret public schools. Additionally, he enjoyed traveling and golfing.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather to several children. Survived by his loving wife of 47 years Lucille Capik; sons John S. and Glen; daughter Lori C. Becker; grandson David; sister Ethel Capik and her husband Richard; plus numerous nieces and nephews.

Capik, who grew up in Florida and began riding horses at an early age, went on to earn her degree in animal science with minors in agriculture and sales. Additionally, she pursued veterinary school with a focus on cattle and beef production.

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