John Cappis

John Cappis

John Cappis is an acclaimed long-distance runner with several remarkable accomplishments. He co-founded the Hardrock 100 and has taken on many extreme races that test even the fittest athletes.

He’s an impressive runner and will be a formidable competitor at the 2021 Hardrock 100. This run takes you to some truly breathtaking landscapes around the globe.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Cappis is a journalist in the professional world. Although his journey has been challenging and taxing, his passion for his job remains undimmed.

One of his greatest accomplishments was organizing Hardrock, a trail race located within Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Additionally, he co-founded Rainshadow Running which he directed for eight years.

He was an early pioneer of ultramarathoning in America, finishing 3rd at Western States in 1978 in under 20 hours. Together with his partner Charlie Thorn, they designed the current Hardrock course and spending a day out on the trails with them proved both enjoyable and educational.

He also works part-time in the modeling business. It’s a challenging but rewarding profession that necessitates great attention to detail.

Achievements and Honors

His many accomplishments include being one of the first people to traverse the San Juan Mountains by foot. Additionally, he co-founded and completed the Hardrock 100 – an arduous feat of endurance that he completed solo at age 69. Always striving for more, his journey as course director and designer of challenges continues today – creating one of Western U.S.’s most enjoyable runs with wonderful people along for the ride!

Personal Life

John was an honorable, trustworthy, generous, loving, kind and gentle man who lived life to the fullest. He treasured time spent with family, friends and God; a true outdoorsman who enjoyed taking his family on Sunday drives to Polebridge, Two Medicine, Many Glacier and Kintla Lake.

He was married to Lona Cappis and together they had two children. A proud Navy veteran, he served aboard the Essex aircraft carrier. Additionally, he operated an Esso service station in New London, Connecticut.

He enjoyed traveling and reading. He and Lona took many trips around the world together, including Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France and Egypt – destinations which will be sorely missed by their two children and grandchildren. A loving husband, father, uncle and great grandfather; he will be greatly missed by all those close to him.

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