John Clevenger

The Life and Career of John Clevenger

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Early Life and Education

The life and education of John Clevenger is not a typical one. In fact, he has been involved with the business world for a very long time. He is the fifth generation in his family to be involved in the banking business. However, he also has an interest in real estate.

John Clevenger was born in 1937. He lived his childhood in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from Topeka High School. During his college years, he played football for the University of Kansas.

After graduating, he began his career as an executive at the Commerce Bank in Wichita. He was named president of the bank at age 29. His second marriage was to Nancy Sutherland. This marriage ended in divorce.

Professional Career

John Clevenger’s professional career spans over 30 years. He’s been instrumental in advancing consumer brand objectives through customer engagement. This includes the laudable feats of getting people to buy more, and making more money.

As president of Commerce Bank in Wichita, Kansas, he’s responsible for the bank’s three main business lines. His responsibilities include marketing, consumer products, and banking.

He’s also an avid supporter of the downtown regional events center. He’s also president of the Wichita Art Museum. In a statement, David Kemper called him the consummate Professional.

John is a tall, well-rounded guy. When he’s not working, he’s likely playing golf or hunting.

He’s a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. And he’s an avid fan of the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

Achievements and Honors

What were the achievements and honors of John Clevenger, Jr. aka the Clev of the Clevenger clan, in his brief but memorable life? Aside from his swagger akin to his father and grandfather, Clev was a natural leader, a devoted fan of all things rugby, and a philanthropist of the highest order. While at Princeton, he was a member of the varsity football team that won the Ivy League championship in 1989. He also was a proud member of the Cottage Club, a group that focuses on building relationships with fellow members and helping to make a difference in the community.

As a young buck, Clev was an avid rugby player, and he made a few lifelong friends along the way. Among them was a fellow named Bruce Campbell. Not only was he a great mate, he was a great football player in his own right. During the height of the sport’s popularity in the early 1990s, he starred in an All-American squad that included players like Keith Player, Brett Paschke, and Mike Salernke. In addition to his exemplary playing and coaching abilities, he was a dedicated family man, as well.

Personal Life

John Clevenger was a fifth generation banker. His grandfather was a president of the Fourth Financial Bank in Wichita, Kansas. He was also a member of the board of trustees of the Catholic Charities of Wichita, a board member of the Exploration Place in Wichita, and a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.

Clevenger was married three times. The first was to Nancy Sutherland. Their daughter, Kimberla, survives him. They were divorced in 1987. He has two sons from his second marriage. In 2012, he married Giovanna Grassi.

Clevenger was active in sports, especially football. He attended Princeton University, where he played on the football team. After college, he went to the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, where he was a member of the brass section.

Net Worth

Getting your hands on the mantle of the elusive prize formerly known as Clevinger in the first place means a significant payload to boot. The dude will likely be in his prime for at least another couple of years. A long and lucrative stint as the heir to the crown is a surefire way to lock up the best acv in the league. Not to mention a slew of quality free agents, some of which are likely to be in the same neighborhood next season. AJ Preller is a savvy exec who has a keen eye for deals and a hefty wad of cash in the bank to boot. Despite the myriad distractions and a plethora of underperforming franchises, he is a stickler for details and isn’t one to mess with.

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