John Crangle

John Crangle – At-Large Columbia City Council Candidate

John Crangle has extensive experience as a lobbyist, attorney, educator and ethics reform expert. Recently he announced his candidacy for an at-large seat on Columbia City Council.

His top priority is to combat crime, especially shootings at local bars. Additionally, he wants to raise pay for police officers. Crangle is a member of both South Carolina Progressive Network and Common Cause South Carolina chapter.

Early Life and Education

John Crangle was raised in Lexington, South Carolina and attended Clemson University and Emory Law School. Upon earning his Juris Doctorate from Emory, he began practicing criminal defense law. Today he resides with his wife and two young children in Greenville, South Carolina.

Crangle is an accomplished lawyer, lobbyist and educator. He has taught inmates at Kirkland and Manning Correctional Institutions.

His most recent endeavor is running for an at-large seat on the Columbia City Council. Despite being weeks behind his campaign opponents in fundraising, he’s focused on reform ideas and believes corruption in South Carolina is at an all-time high.

Professional Career

John Crangle has been active in the legal community for more than three decades. He is an open government advocate, former leader of Common Cause and current lobbyist for South Carolina Progressive Network.

He has handled a wide variety of cases, from DUI defense to criminal defense and personal injury. As an accomplished trial lawyer, he has tried over 10 jury trials in General Sessions as well as numerous bench trials.

John’s career highlights include his remarkable capacity for connecting with people and organizations that can benefit his clients. This makes him a valuable asset to any law firm looking to grow its practice. John is an ideal candidate due to his attention to detail and willingness to put in extra effort when needed. He strives to get things done correctly every single time.

Achievements and Honors

John Crangle has been an integral figure in Columbia City Council politics for four decades. He earned recognition and awards by founding Crangle Law Firm LLC, a DUI defense practice.

John has extensive experience as a lobbyist, attorney and educator. As former executive director of Common Cause South Carolina, where he wrote the state’s first ethics reform law, he is also an acclaimed author and frequent guest on local TV news shows. Most recently he published a book about Operation Lost Trust investigation which brought down several powerful state lawmakers.

Personal Life

John Crangle is an attorney based in Greenville, South Carolina and a graduate of Clemson University and Emory Law School. As an assistant public defender, John has represented clients facing charges such as murder, drug trafficking, criminal sexual conduct, DUI, domestic violence incidents, fraudulence schemes and many more.

He is also a published author, having released “Operation Lost Trust: And The Ethics Reform Movement,” a 607 page in-depth look into one of South Carolina’s biggest public corruption scandals in modern history.

After decades of rooting out corruption in South Carolina’s legislature, Crangle is now advocating for the repeal of the House of Representatives and replacement with a full-time Senate. However, this initiative may face opposition from members of the Democratic Party.

Net Worth

John Crangle is a South Carolina attorney with an estimated net worth of $1 million. He serves as member of the Greenville Public Defender Office and has earned himself a reputation as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Upstate, South Carolina. With more than 10 jury trials under his belt and numerous bench trials under his belt, Crangle has proven successful at representing clients on all legal matters.

He is the former director of Common Cause in South Carolina, which monitors ethics and open government issues within the state Legislature. Additionally, he wrote a book about one of history’s biggest public corruption scandals – Operation Lost Trust. As a Democrat running for State House District 75 seat as an incumbent, his platform includes abolishing the State House of Representatives in favor of creating a full-time Senate; furthering his focus on crime reduction initiatives along the way.

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