John Crownell

John Crownell

John Crowell is an assistant principal at Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York.

Crowdell, also spelled Crowell (cro-well), is an Anglo-Saxon surname from either Crowell in Oxfordshire or Spofforth in West Riding of Yorkshire.

Early Life and Education

John Crowell was born on September 18, 1780 in North Carolina to a family of 10 siblings and received an education from a liberal educator.

After serving in the American Revolution, Crowell was appointed Indian agent by the United States government and held this position until 1836 when the Creeks were forcibly removed from their homeland westward.

He then moved to Fort Mitchell, a frontier outpost periodically occupied by federal and state troops throughout the first half of the 19th century in what is now Russell County, Alabama. Here he hosted guests such as Marquis de Lafayette and Francis Scott Key.

He served as President of Trinity College from 1887 to 1994 and played an influential role in its relocation from Randolph County to Durham in 1892. Crowell persuaded the trustees of Trinity College that moving would provide them with more students, faculty members, and financial backing – which ultimately proved successful.

Professional Career

John Crowell’s career has been defined by his pursuit of knowledge. He became a renowned expert on tectonics and sedimentation history, creating numerous papers on these topics.

He taught field studies and structural geology at UCSB, traveling around the world for his courses with students often accompanying him.

He is currently an associate in Crowell & Moring’s Chicago office, where his practice encompasses patent prosecution and litigation matters. With extensive experience drafting patent applications related to mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as conducting legal research into intellectual property topics like patent claim construction, trademarks, and data privacy concerns.

Achievements and Honors

World-renowned university professor and geologist, Crowell spent most of his professional life on the faculty at UCLA. As a distinguished professor of geology, he taught various classes including graduate seminars on structural geology.

His efforts in studying Earth’s early history led to significant discoveries, earning him several distinguished honors such as membership in the US National Academy of Sciences.

He made a significant impact on the UCSB Earth Science Department, creating a strong connection between faculty and graduate students. Furthermore, he secured two key hires – Arthur Sylvester and David Snider – who would go on to have successful careers of their own.

Personal Life

John Crowell lived a full and rewarding life. He was involved in many organizations, such as his local scout troop, and was an accomplished musician.

He was an accomplished businessman, possessing a substantial fortune. In 1887-1994, he served as President of Trinity College and spearheaded its relocation from Cambridge to Durham in 1892.

He had an inspiring vision and tireless energy, travelling throughout the state to promote Trinity College and secure students and financial backing for it. Additionally, he published widely.

Net Worth

John Crowell has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This wealth comes from both his music career and law career.

Crowell is an American country singer-songwriter renowned for his hits such as “The Houston Kid,” “Fate’s Right Hand,” and “The Outsider.”

His debut album, Ain’t Living Long Like This, was released in 1978 and has sold over 30 million records to date. Additionally, he has earned numerous accolades throughout the years.

He has been a member of the District of Columbia Bar since 1980 and has appeared in multiple federal and state courts as well as administrative hearings across America. Additionally, he holds memberships in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, International Association of Commercial Arbitrators and American Bar Association.

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