John Dao

John Dao and Chloe Dao at Wipfli College

Daoists believe that life is a process of change. This is reflected in the Yi jing (Classic of Change), which depicts patterns of 64 relations of correlative forces as hexagrams.

The philosopher Zhuangzi is a good example of this idea in practice. He argued that the Dao is in everything, including ants, potsherds and excrement.

Early Life and Education

The early years of a child’s development are an important time for learning and development. This is because these are the years when a child’s brain is developing and learning new skills, behaviors and habits that can help them throughout their lifetimes.

To ensure these skills are developed in a way that is meaningful and beneficial for the children, educators need to focus on creating learning experiences that promote social and emotional skills like caring relationships, problem-solving and managing emotions. These skills are key to helping children develop a strong sense of self and are critical for their future education and success.

One of the most popular classes in National’s BAECE program is a course called Play as Pedagogy, which teaches students about how they can use play as an educational tool for young children. Another class that is popular with students is field experience, where they learn how to teach children in real classroom settings.

Professional Career

Dao’s professional career has included a wide range of positions across the healthcare industry. He currently serves as a principal in Wipfli’s healthcare facility and capital planning group.

He brings a strong base of experience across a variety of healthcare settings, including large academic hospitals and integrated delivery systems, to his consulting work. Combining this extensive knowledge of efficient healthcare operations and design with his analytical skills, he provides clients with creative solutions for their facilities and operational needs.

Dao’s work also includes co-founding DAO Labs, which combines his professional background in consumer products with his personal experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine. He created DAO Labs to help people experience the power of proven, age-old TCM in a natural, easy-to-use format.

Achievements and Honors

The College of Natural Sciences has a long and illustrious history of awarding its most outstanding students with the Dean’s Honored Graduate accolade. Awarded to the grad who exemplifies the alma mater of the faculty, the prestigious title comes with a hefty tuition stipend and an opportunistic stipend for off-campus research and travel. The aforementioned honors are bestowed on an annual basis to one exemplary student each year. The recipients are chosen for their achievements in the classroom, the lab or on campus. They are also lauded for their service to the community. The aforementioned award is the icing on the cake for the faculty, staff and most importantly, the graduating class. The aforementioned award is the result of a concerted effort by the entire college to identify and acknowledge the most deserving students. The most awe-inspiring recipients are then awarded a formal dinner with the president and the proverbial top of the line treatment.

Personal Life

Dao is known for his passion for writing and has published several essays and poetry collections. He was also a co-founder of an influential literary journal, Jintian (Today), which became an inspiration for the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in China.

A former national correspondent at the New York Times, Dao currently serves as a tech reporter for the Boston Globe. His duties include reporting on the region’s technology industry, highlighting key players and trends.

He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and is the son of Lien Nguyen. He has an older brother Richer and a sister Khanh.

Net Worth

Chloe Dao is a fashion designer born in Pakse, Laos, and is best known for being the winner of season two of “Project Runway” in 2005. She was also a contestant on season one of the show and is a co-host for a reality series called “Chloe and Chloe.” Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of early 2018. She has accumulated this wealth through her successful career in the industry. In addition, she owns a small boutique in Houston called Lot 8, where her designs have been featured in magazines such as Lucky and the Houston Chronicle. She has been married to Kenneth Pursley since 2011 and they live in Houston, Texas. They have two children together. The youngest is named Kenneth Lien Dao.

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