John Delmonico

John Delmonico

The first a la carte restaurant in New York, Delmonico’s was founded by two brothers in 1837. Until that time, diners enjoyed cafes and inns where they had little control over what was served to them.

The original restaurant on 2 South William Street was favored by politicians, lawyers, bankers and shipping magnates. It was also known for its excellent wine and meat.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Delmonico was a major contributor to the development of American cuisine and restaurants. He was responsible for creating the modern American restaurant, with its convenient menus and excellent service.

He also created the concept of a sit-down restaurant, where people could order a full meal and have it served to them at their table. This innovation made a huge impact on the food industry and was one of the first steps toward establishing the restaurant as a popular institution.

He opened the 14th Street Delmonico restaurant in May, 1862. He hired Charles Ranhofer as the chef de cuisine. During his tenure, they provided New Yorkers with unrivaled excellence in dining.

Achievements and Honors

John Delmonico, his brother Peter and their nephew Lorenzo were responsible for the restaurant craze that took New York by storm. They were among the first to introduce the American public to a true restaurant francaise and their culinary innovations helped change the face of American cuisine.

They were also responsible for setting the standard when it came to food service and hospitality. Their most notable achievement was creating the world’s first multi-course meal, which incorporated the use of a variety of foods and spices.

It was an impressive feat of engineering and the result was a dinner that featured oysters, two soups, a delicate timbale, salmon and bass, filet mignon and stuffed lamb. It was also the largest entrée of its kind. Despite its massive size, it still made a name for itself and was an important culinary innovation that inspired generations of cooks to imitate its gimmicks.

Personal Life

John Delmonico’s personal life was a busy one. He was involved in a number of business endeavors, including a restaurant. He also served as president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Association and was known for his fierce defense of police officers.

The Delmonicos were a family of restaurateurs of Italian Swiss origin who created some of the most legendary and opulent restaurants in the United States. Their success was based on excellent service and a menu that was a magnet for European expatriates and American nouveaux riches.

In 1827, Giovanni and Pietro Delmonico opened a cafe serving French pastries at 23 William Street in New York City. They were able to amass a fortune in a relatively short time and became the pioneers of fine dining in America. Their success was a sign of the cultural shift toward European dining in the United States.

Net Worth

John Delmonico is an investment officer at Wells Fargo Advisors. He specializes in helping high net worth individuals and corporate executives. He has over 33 years of experience in finance, portfolio management, equity and fixed income trading, insurance and professional money management consulting.

He is a first vice president at Wells Fargo. He lives in Newton with his wife and three children.

He is the grandson of Giovanni Delmonico, the founder of the famous American restaurant dynasty. Giovanni opened a wine shop in New York City in 1824, near the Battery. In legal documents, he used the French spelling “Jean” instead of “John.” Pietro Delmonico followed him to New York and owned a candy shop in Berne, Switzerland. After Giovanni died in 1842, his brothers Pietro Antonio and Giovanni Delmonico anglicized their names to John and Peter.

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