John Dunsmore

John Dunsmore

John Dunsmore is an internationally acclaimed artist whose paintings have been showcased at the National Academy of Design. He is particularly renowned for his depictions of the American Revolution.

He strongly believes in the significance of history, striving to capture its spirit without overemphasizing it with sentimentality.

Early Life and Education

John Dunsmore was born in Riley, Butler County, Ohio on February 29th 1856 and studied with Thomas Noble at McMicken School of Design in Cincinnati before continuing his studies with Aimee Millet at Paris Institute and privately with Thomas Couture in Paris.

His works have been included in the permanent collections of museums, libraries and other public institutions. Furthermore, his portraits have received widespread acclaim.

He is a member of the National Academy of Design and has been an active participant in the Salmagundi Club in New York City for many years.

Through years of study and acquisition, he has amassed the largest private collection in America of eighteenth century costumes and uniforms. Furthermore, he is an eminent authority on the Revolutionary period, possessing an extensive library of books and records.

Professional Career

For decades, he has been a weather observer. On his 140-acre property near Barrie and Oro-Medonte Townships, just off Ridge Road, he keeps daily records of temperatures and precipitation.

Dunsmore was honored for his services by Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada, as well as Oliver Stone (who portrayed him in The Doors (1991)).

On Nov. 1, Scottish & Newcastle PLC named him its chief executive and charged him with reversing the decline in sales at the cider maker.

Achievements and Honors

John Ward Dunsmore, an artist, has earned a special place in our nation’s history through his series of canvases dedicated to our nation’s early years. His passion and devotion have endured for more than 25 years and his paintings will be invaluable treasures to generations to come.

He has undertaken an exhaustive study of both British and American uniforms during the Revolutionary War, painting with meticulous accuracy. As such, his renderings will become familiar to generations of Americans who will remember and reverence their ancestors’ valorous deeds with fondness.

In addition to his historical paintings, he has also created numerous portraits of renowned men from both America and abroad. His artwork can be found in the permanent collections of numerous museums and libraries worldwide.

Personal Life

John Dunsmore has been a loving husband and father to his three children. He also had an incredible artistic talent which he loved to share with others.

Dunsmore was renowned for his portraits of influential individuals. His works can be found in museums and other public institutions throughout America.

Dunsmore was an accomplished historian and had done extensive research on the Revolutionary War. As such, he is widely regarded as an authority on this topic.

Dunsmore not only worked as a historian, but was an enthusiastic amateur historian and admirer of history. He loved spending time with his family and taking walks outdoors in his free time.

Net Worth

John Densmore boasts a net worth of $10 million, acquired through wise investments, substantial property holdings and lucrative endorsement deals.

He is the drummer for rock band The Doors and has been a member since 1965. Additionally, he is an author with numerous books published on various topics.

His net worth as of early-2017 is estimated to be $10 million, largely due to his work with The Doors. He’s also known for vetoing attempts to license The Doors’ songs for commercial purposes such as Cadillac’s $15 million offer in 2003 based on Morrison’s belief that commercial use was inappropriate.

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