John Eldred

John Eldred

John Eldred was a smart, fearless and challenging businessman who always sought out the road less traveled. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather who valued his friends and family.

He also loved driving for the pure joy of it. He had a deep commitment to charity and gave a large amount of money to needy libraries across the country.

Early Life and Education

A large body of research has demonstrated the critical importance of a child’s early years. These years can have a profound impact on their future education and health, and the quality of their interactions with caregivers is vital to their development.

One of the first influences on a child’s educational experience is their relationship with their parents or primary caregivers. These warm and responsive interactions are critical in helping a child establish secure attachments that can have lasting effects on their educational futures.

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Professional Career

John Eldred’s professional career has spanned the realm of leadership and organizational development. He is currently CEO of Transition One Associates, a company that helps organizations and individuals facing major business transitions.

As a leader, he is known for his ability to lead innovative and long-lasting responses to an organization’s or community’s needs. He has developed a number of programs that help companies develop strategic change management strategies.

Before becoming a leader, he was a teacher and lecturer. He was a pioneer in the teaching of anatomical and medical education. His tall, almost cadaveric frame combined with his military bearing, sonorous voice, meticulous manners and formal dress (he often wore a black coat and striped trousers) commanded respect.

Achievements and Honors

john eldred was an extremely distinguished gentleman and one of the most highly-regarded anatomists of his generation. His achievements were numerous, but the most impressive was his innovation in anatomical and medical education.

As a dissecting room teacher he was peerless, and his military bearing, sonorous voice and meticulous manners commanded respect. During his tenure as Reader in Anatomy at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School he was responsible for an impressive array of educational feats, including the creation of a new anatomical model.

He also deserves credit for the most efficient amputation procedure in the history of surgery, a feat which is still unsurpassed today. In addition to his achievements in the field of anatomical education, he was a proud member of the Anatomical Society, and in 1963 became its president.

Personal Life

john eldred was a smart, down-to-earth man who was passionate about history, movies and books. His work ethic was rooted in this passion, as he helped Midwest Tape evolve from a VHS tape distributor to a provider of shelf-ready audiobook and digital entertainment.

He was also a champion of equitable and respectful treatment of all people. This fueled his commitment to Dreamscape Media, the publishing and entertainment arm of Midwest Tape.

He also helped Midwest Tape change the library audiobook market by distributing shelf-ready titles and creating hoopla digital, a category-creating mobile and online service. These two initiatives were a result of his desire to deliver value to Libraries.

Net Worth

A well-known entrepreneur, john eldred founded the Midwest Tape Co., which distributes new and used VHS tapes to video rental stores, convenience and grocery stores. The company also distributes DVD and Blu-ray discs to libraries, which helped it grow to become one of the largest wholesale distributors of media in the world.

After selling his Toledo-based video store, Sights & Sounds, to Blockbuster Video in 1997, Eldred concentrated on Midwest Tape, which he renamed in 2008. As the business developed, he focused on a key niche: libraries.

As a result, he helped change the library marketplace. As president of Midwest Tape, Eldred was able to make crucial decisions that helped libraries deliver value to their patrons. He was a fearless and challenging leader, a sharp conversationalist and a thoughtful, honest businessman.

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