John Fredrickson

Interview With John Fredrickson, LCSW

John Fredrickson, LCSW, is a clinical social worker who has been providing evidenced-based treatment to individuals struggling with mental health issues. He is currently the Team Leader for the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Team at NYU Student Health Center, where he initiated the DBT Skills Training program.

He teaches, supervises, and practices the International Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) model. He has served as a faculty member at the Washington School of Psychiatry and is a co-chair of their ISTDP Training Program.

Early Life and Education

The early years of a child’s life are an important time to build their social and emotional skills, which impact their future education. These years also help develop their cognitive skills.

During these years, many great minds have made major contributions to the field of early childhood education and helped shape how we teach children today. These theories have led to specialized teaching methods and are still being used today.

At National College, students in the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BAECE) take several classes that focus on different aspects of early childhood education. One of those is Play as Pedagogy, which reinforces the importance of teaching young children through play. Another is Field Experience, which focuses on the importance of field work and how students can go into the classroom and apply what they learned in class to real-world situations.

Professional Career

John Frederickson has been a professional mental health counselor for over a decade. He specializes in DBT, gender and sexuality, mindfulness, emotion regulation, HIV/AIDS, relationships and intimacy, and life adjustments.

He has also been a business consultant to corporate executives, as well as an instructor at New York University’s Student Health Center. His approach is to listen, develop trust and provide advice.

He is running for Nebraska State Senate, representing District 20. He wants to make sure that every Nebraskan has access to evidence-based policies that will help them grow and prosper. That includes a strong, fully-funded public school system, quality healthcare and a thriving local economy.

Achievements and Honors

John Frederickson was a highly accomplished student and an outstanding leader in every aspect of his high school career. He was a member of the school newspaper team as a sophomore, was a co-leader on PND’s scholastic bowl team and has been a part of many other clubs and activities throughout his high school years.

During his time at Guyer High School, he won the Best Actor trophy in the DSM’s High School Musical Theatre Awards two years in a row. He also earned a $10,000 scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to New York City for the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, also known as the Jimmys, where he was a finalist last year.

During his time at the University of Kansas, he helped transform the public administration literature with his groundbreaking work on social equity. He was the founder and editor of the prestigious Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, the author of several books and the recipient of numerous honors.

Personal Life

John Fredrickson is a well-rounded individual who combines his love for his family and community with a passion for helping others. He believes in process over product, finding gratitude in the moment and living a life of purpose.

He is a lifelong student of mental wellness and mindfulness and is dedicated to guiding individuals through the journey of self-discovery. He has a background in work with gender and sexuality, emotion regulation, HIV/AIDS, relationships and intimacy, and adjusting to life’s challenges.

He has a strong track record of providing evidence-based treatment to help individuals achieve their goals. He has worked as a clinical social worker at Callen-Lorde, a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves the LGBTQ+ community, and as a Team Leader for the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) team at NYU’s Student Health Center.

Net Worth

John Frederickson is a Norwegian-born shipping magnate who resides in London. He is the owner of a family shipping empire worth over $10 billion.

He has also made a fortune in the oil industry. He is the CEO of Norway’s Frontline, which operates the world’s largest fleet of oil tankers.

As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has been investing in Conoco Phillips stock for over 18 years and makes an average of about 4,095 trades per 16 days.

He is a self-described fitness fanatic, and is also an advocate for mental health and wellness. He believes in process>product, finding gratitude in the present moment, and living more – worrying less. In addition, he practices meditation and mindfulness, listens to audiobooks, and engages in other healthy habits.

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