John Gasparyan

John Gasparyan – Musician and Composer

John Gasparyan was an Armenian American from North Hollywood, CA who tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident near Porter Ranch, CA.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Josh Rubenstein confirmed that Gasparyan was riding his bike south on Tampa Avenue toward Chatworth Street when he collided with another vehicle. The driver of the other car stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators.

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Professional Career

Armenian maestro Jivan Gasparyan took the duduk from being an instrument only played by shepherds to a concert-worthy musical marvel with its instrument. Notorious for his distinctive keening wails and exuberant shouts, Jivan also explored more modern forms of duduk music.

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Achievements and Honors

Jivan Gasparyan has achieved great success in music, earning himself an array of awards and recognition throughout his career. One of his most noteworthy feats was founding the world’s first duduk music group with some of the top talent on earth.

He achieved fame and honors, including being inscribed in the Guinness book of records for producing the longest duduk string ever produced and earning himself the title “People’s Artist of Armenia.” To cap off an incredible career, President Serzh Sargsyan recognized him as “the most influential musician” within Armenia. Beyond these accolades, his witty and entertaining style have won him over both peers and fans alike.

Personal Life

John Gasparyan, an Armenian duduk player and composer, is renowned for his musical compositions. His credits include soundtracks to films like The Last Temptation of Christ and Gladiator as well as performances with renowned artists like Peter Gabriel, Michael Brook, Kronos Quartet and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Gasparyan’s career as a musical virtuoso began at an early age in Solak, Armenia where he learned to play the duduk, a double-reed instrument similar to the Western oboe. His traditional melodies blended modal scales and punctilious inflections with flowing phrases reminiscent of Hungarian folk fiddling.

His mastery of the duduk helped him become one of the most acclaimed musicians in his homeland, featuring on film scores by Martin Scorsese, Peter Gabriel and Atom Egoyan. Additionally, he collaborated with numerous international musicians such as Pedro Eustache and Jivan Gasparyan Jr.

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