John Hammerslough

John Hammerslough

John Hammerslough, a former Weston selectman and member of the police commission and board of finance, passed away January 2. He had lived with his wife Nancy in Weston for 54 years.

Hammerslough began his career as a writer and audio producer for the Army during the Korean War. Following that, he joined CBS television news in New York City and eventually became director of computer research at a Wall Street firm dedicated to financial securities.

Early Life and Education

John Hammerslough was born on January 2, 1950 in Weston and spent 54 years living with his wife Nancy at their house on Kettle Creek Road. They were an integral part of town politics and culture for over half a century.

The couple’s family immigrated to America during a wave of immigration that followed the Revolution of 1848. Many people left their homes and towns in order to escape poverty, social immobility, and military service that marked life in Germany’s principalities.

After settling in Springfield, Illinois, the Hammersloughs founded Capitol Clothing House – a one-price clothier that provided soldiers with clothing. They also began traveling across America, setting up homes in each city they visited. Their son Julius would go on to become an accomplished businessman of his own.

Professional Career

Most notably, he founded the first Little League baseball league in Needles, California. Aside from baseball, he enjoyed golf and food and technology – being an early adopter at La Sierra College and volunteering at their public library. Finally, as a proud supporter of his alma mater La Sierra College he established Hamerslough endowment funds for physical education or health science majors with financial need and potential.

Aside from golf, he was an incredibly accomplished man with an impressive list of awards and accolades to his name. He was renowned for his quick wit, impeccable taste in fashion and willingness to go the extra mile for friends and family. Survived by his beloved wife Darlene after 58 years together, Walter, Rhonda and Scott will always remain in his heart.

Achievements and Honors

The Hammerslough family was one of the many immigrants that arrived in America after the Revolution. Augusta Hammerslough’s parents, Augusta and Samuel, had immigrated from Germany and settled in Baltimore before marriage. Later they moved on to Talladega, Alabama then Springfield, Illinois with their son Julius Rosenwald ’63 born there who went on to become an acclaimed businessman and philanthropist in his own right.

He served as Weston selectman, police commissioner, and board of finance member. Additionally, he wrote and produced audio for the U.S. Army during the Korean War. In 2009 his town officially recognized John and Nancy Hammerslough Day by declaring May 11th John and Nancy Hammerslough Day.

Personal Life

John Hammerslough epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit of America. His family immigrated from Germany in the 1850s, drawn by cheap land and low taxes. John’s brother Harry operated clothing businesses across many cities across America including Baltimore.

His mother, Augusta Hammerslough Rosenwald, was originally from Germany as well. Her father Samuel joined the Hammerslough brothers in their Baltimore business venture before moving on to Peoria, Illinois then Talladega, Alabama before settling in Springfield. There Julius formed close friendships with Abraham Lincoln and served as president of Brith Sholom Synagogue – Springfield’s first synagogue – as well as being a founding member of Weston Democratic Town Committee and eventually running for local office in Weston Democratic Town Committee elections.

Net Worth

The Hammerslough brothers were part of the German Jewish community that immigrated to America in large numbers after the Revolution. Their menswear manufacturing business in Baltimore prospered rapidly, and their families developed a close bond. In August 1857, Samuel Rosenwald wed his sister Augusta Hammerslough. Following her nuptials, Samuel was appointed to manage three clothing houses owned by family members: one in Peoria, Illinois; one in Talladega, Alabama; and another one in Evansville, Indiana. Sam and Augusta Rosenwald ultimately moved to Springfield, Illinois, in 1860 and purchased a home there. Although this would be their last permanent residence, Sam and Augusta maintained their family connection to the Hammersloughs throughout their lives.

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