John Harbottle

John Harbottle

John Harbottle was an award-winning course architect who designed and renovated some of the top golf courses in the West, such as Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course in Bremerton, Wash.; BanBury GC in Eagle, Idaho; and Palouse Ridge in Pullman, Washington.

He acquired his expertise in golf course design through his travels to Scotland and Ireland, where he observed natural links courses formed without disrupting Mother Nature. This inspired him to craft a unique design philosophy of his own.

Early Life and Education

Harbottle, the son of two Hall-of-Fame golfers from Pacific Northwest, was an acclaimed professional course designer who began his career working with legendary Pete Dye. He traveled around the world to study the great courses in Scotland and Ireland and developed his own unique design style from those experiences.

He specialized in renovating existing golf courses, known for his ability to combine classic and modern concepts. His designs include Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course in Bremerton, BanBury in Idaho and Palouse Ridge near Pullman, Washington.

In addition to their design and construction work, the Harbottles served as Methodist Mission Partners in Haiti. Revs Paul Massingill (Wesley Foundation director at Florida International University and Miami-Dade College) and Beth Bostrom (campus chaplain and Wesley director at University of Miami) led student missions teams there where they witnessed firsthand the couple’s ministry efforts.

Professional Career

Harbottle, the son of two PNGA Hall of Fame golfers, turned his passion for the game into a career developing world-class courses. He began in 1984 working alongside legendary course designer Pete Dye and spent much time in Scotland studying Scotland’s iconic links courses.

His design philosophy was informed by his studies of courses that fit naturally into the land’s existing terrain. Additionally, he was renowned for his environmental awareness, which can be seen in many of his creations.

His efforts have been recognized by numerous golf publications, such as Links Magazine and Audubon International – who awarded him with their “Signature Status Award.” Additionally, he specializes in renovating classic golf courses to seamlessly integrate their past with modern game play.

Achievements and Honors

Harbottle, the son of Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame golfers, turned his early passion for the game into a successful career designing world-class courses. His designs were praised for their playability and environmental sensitivity – earning him awards from Links Magazine, Audubon International and USGA.

His most renowned designs included the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain in Bremerton, WA; Savannah Course at Stevinson Ranch; and North Course remodeled at Los Angeles Country Club.

He passed away in 2012, but his legacy lives on at Washington State University’s Palouse Ridge Golf Club which he designed. Survived by his wife Pat Lesser Harbottle, who remains an ardent golfer even at 85 years old. While proud of her accomplishments, she admits she’s no longer as competitive as she once was.

Personal Life

John Harbottle was raised with a love of golf in his family, and this passion later blossomed into an impressive career developing world-class courses. To learn how these British Isles masterpieces were constructed without disrupting their natural surroundings, John traveled to Scotland and Ireland to study their great courses.

He studied classic golf architecture by Thomas, Mackenzie, Simpson, Ross and Macdonald to shape his design style and philosophy. Additionally, he traveled widely around the world to experience many of its greatest courses firsthand.

Harbottle is a renowned architect on the West Coast who designed more than 20 courses and renovated 50 layouts. His signature project is the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain near Bremerton, Washington.

Net Worth

John Harbottle has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He is a partner at Harbottle & Lewis, a premier media law firm. They specialize in protecting the interests of clients such as celebrities, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and businesses by using Personal Protection Principles which safeguard family, wealth and privacy. Furthermore, their work encompasses protecting corporate brand reputations and information; additionally they handle various litigation cases.

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