John Labombard

John Labombard – A Biography

John Labombard is one of the most successful businessmen in the world today. His success is mainly due to his hard work and dedication towards his goals. He has been successful in every aspect of his career, from his professional to personal life. This article will discuss some aspects of his life and will also share the facts about his achievements and honors.

Early Life and Education

John Labombard was born on March 1, 1945, in the borough of Boston. He was the son of Martha Eliza and Zebulon A. LaBombard, and was a graduate of the State University at Albany and Siena College. After retiring from the New York State Department of Education, he moved back to Massachusetts, where he was an instructor at Waterford High School. As of February 26, 2021, John had passed away peacefully. His family will be forever grateful for his lifelong devotion to public education. Throughout his career, John was a well-known teacher, musician, and writer.

During his time in the Senate, John acquainted himself with the intricacies of Capitol Hill. At one point, he even spent some time in Washington’s intern-for-a-day program. The most interesting part of the experience was learning about the history of American politics.

Professional Career

As the communications director for Missouri Senator Kyrsten Sinema, it makes sense that John LaBombard has a high-profile job. After all, the office of a Senate Democrat is a hotbed of lobbying and public relations, and LaBombard is no slouch in the former department. In fact, he’s a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to legislative issues, having tangled with both Democrats and Republicans over the course of his 15-year Capitol Hill career. Aside from his work for Sinema, LaBombard also served as communications director for Jon Tester, a fellow Republican whose heyday included a stint in the Senate, where he helped spearhead the successful passage of a slew of bills.

While LaBombard’s professional career has been a varied one, the swagger worthy is his tenure in the House, where he managed to get his hands on a number of major House awards, including the coveted “Communications Director of the Year” award. Then there’s his time in the Senate, where he was instrumental in advancing McCaskill’s telecommunications agenda and war contracting reform efforts.

Achievements and Honors

John Labombard was a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He worked for the Civil Engineering Squadron at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. After twenty years in the air force, he retired.

He earned numerous military awards during his career. His family traveled to Scotland, England, and France. Eventually, the family settled in London, England. The family’s life changed when the Russians took over Poland. In their homeland, John and Bernadette met and married. They had three children and two granddaughters.

Upon retirement, he re-employed at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. As a member of the Civil Engineering Squadron, he was able to spend his time with his family. Besides his work, he also enjoyed singing and dancing polka.

John is a two-time cancer survivor. Throughout his life, he worked to support his family and to provide them with the opportunity to attend college. He worked in several trades and part-time jobs.

Personal Life

During his time as the head of communications for the Missouri Senator, John LaBombard was responsible for some of the most important communication campaigns of recent memory. The key to his success was a clear vision of the problem he was trying to solve. He was an accomplished strategist and public speaker who was able to translate his vision into a reality.

When he moved to Washington, D.C., in the early 2000s, LaBombard quickly developed a passion for politics. His interest in the topic grew after he learned about a campaign to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court. It was during this time that he made his first foray into the world of political campaigns, when he served as an intern for Senators during their transition into office. In the end, he was able to leverage his new-found knowledge into a successful career, which includes a spot on his company’s management team.

Net Worth

If you are looking for the wealth of John Labombard, there is no need to worry. He is the co-founder of Mooring Financial Corporation, a company that specializes in the purchase of commercial loan portfolios. As a result, his net worth has been estimated to be worth more than $6.62 million as of 3 January 2022. Besides that, he is also an Independent Director of PENN Entertainment Inc. Currently, he is making $319,991 as an Independent Director. In addition, he has owned over 2,033 units of PENN stock valued at over $3,110,205.

While there are no children in the household, Labombard has been married for over 12 years. He has been living at 522 Main Street in Terryville, CT for about 11-15 years. Although the family home has been rented, the estimated value is $35-49K.

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