John Lembo

John Lembo – The Observer’s 2021-2022 Male Athlete of the Year

The 2021-2022 Male Athlete of the Year is an accomplished football star with a knack for making big plays. He’s also an impressive star on the baseball diamond and basketball court.

John Lembo may not live on Hebrew Home at Riverdale’s 32-acre campus, but it feels like home. As vice president for facilities management at RiverSpring Living, he oversees two major capital projects designed to give residents new levels of comfort and security.

Early Life and Education

John lembo was born and raised in Amsterdam, NY where he began his career as a machinist. After graduating SUNY Oswego with an Industrial Arts degree, he continued on to receive his Masters in Guidance & Counseling from the University of Rochester before ending up as Director of Education & Training at NIH clinical center. Well known for his wit, charm and many clever inventions, John was truly a man of many talents – also enjoying occasional trips to Florida for winter golf with Viola his loving wife of 69 years or spending quality family time alongside Viola (whose daughter Cindy) were some of his closest friends).

Professional Career

John lembo’s professional baseball career was marked by intense competition. He was kept behind Roy Campanella and Bruce Edwards in the Brooklyn Dodgers organization, but eventually earned a chance at the major leagues in 1953.

He hit.260 with two home runs in 115 games, but faced tough competition throughout his minor league career.

Lembo has extensive legal experience as General Counsel for Northeastern University, having successfully negotiated numerous real estate deals and creating master plans to expand the university’s physical infrastructure. Furthermore, his strong network of connections outside the university have been instrumental in helping Northeastern reach its objectives.

Achievements and Honors

John Lembo has accomplished a great deal in his lifetime. He earned a place of honor in the school’s athletic hall of fame and was praised as an exceptional high school baseball player, football quarterback, and basketball star.

He served as State Comptroller, overseeing the financial status of the state and administering health care, pension and employee benefits. For his efforts in promoting transparency within statewide accounting systems he received recognition from both media outlets and advocacy groups.

Recently, he even saved a life by performing CPR on a man who collapsed outside Three Guys Pizzeria. Joined by two Lloyd officers, they hooked up an automated external defibrillator (AED) before administering shocks that brought back the victim’s color.

Personal Life

John Lembo has demonstrated his remarkable athletic prowess on the football field, baseball diamond and basketball court. This trait earned him The Observer’s 2021-2022 Male Athlete of the Year honor.

On the football field or baseball diamond, Lembo’s teammates weren’t the only ones who noticed his knack for producing big plays in crunch time. His parents deserve credit too for giving him that natural sense of timing and drive to succeed.

One year and 17 months after Glen Cove man Mike Lembo was shot outside a private club, Lembo is facing charges of attempted murder and is being held on $105,000 cash bond. This has created an extremely difficult situation for both the community and its police department.

Net Worth

John lembo is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Eversource Energy, earning a yearly salary of $4,478,140. His investments in Eversource stock total over 1,256 units worth $3,149,289; in addition to this, John has sold his shares in ES stock for an aggregate total of over $99,990 over the last six years.

Since 2019, he has traded Eversource stock one time, on average trading volume of 66 units daily. His largest trade was selling 1,256 shares for over $99,990 on August 26th 2019. As of that date, his ownership in Eversource stocks totals 40,699 shares; an estimated net worth of $7.73 Million dollars. We pray that John Lembo’s family can continue enjoying their wealth for many more years to come and may God continue blessing you all throughout life! Take care and may God continue blessing his family during this difficult time – take care & may God Bless you! We remember John Lembo in our prayers

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