John Melican

John Melican

John Melican is a veteran anti-money laundering and compliance professional with in-depth knowledge of some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Prior to this role, he served as CCO at AMEX Travel and now serves as Managing Director at Exiger.

On this episode of The Compliance Life, Tom Fox interviews him about his journey into corporate America and how it led to him becoming a CCO. You can listen to the podcast on Megaphone or iTunes.

Early Life and Education

John Melican was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on January 29th 1870 to a brewer and homemaker family. He spent his formative years growing up alongside brothers John-Edmund and Mary.

He attended Worcester Academy and then earned a law degree from Boston College.

As a trial attorney, he was admitted to the bar in 1959 and practiced both civil and criminal law throughout Worcester County.

In 2002, Northborough Middle School was renamed Melican Middle School in his honor as a tribute to his dedication to education.

Professional Career

He specializes in Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions and Compliance. With extensive knowledge in these areas, he is currently the Chief Legal Officer at Elliptic, a renowned global cryptoasset risk management company.

He has also served as President of ClubHub, a golf technology company that uses sensors to analyze shots and track swings. When I spoke with him about their invention and what goals they have for the future, his motivations were clear: make this device work!

John has extensive experience in the financial services sector, beginning his career at the New York Stock Exchange before transitioning into Bear Stearns as a Managing Director/Principal for three years. Subsequently, John moved on to American Express where he served as Vice President, Compliance and Ethics for their travel related products. Here he discusses this transition and how it has shaped his career trajectory.

Achievements and Honors

John Melican has extensive knowledge in the areas of anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, regulatory compliance and due diligence. Throughout his career, he has led teams that provided advice on these subjects.

He is currently a Partner at EXIGER and oversees their global risk and compliance operations. Prior to that he served as Managing Director and Head of Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering/Sanctions Compliance for the Americas at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ; additionally Vice President for Compliance & Ethics and Chief Compliance Officer at American Express Travel.

He is survived by his wife and best friend of 40 years, Beth (Barry) Melican; son Brendan B.; daughter-in-law Iris A. Lyons of Worcester; and grandson Oliver L. Melican also from Worcester. Additionally, there is a large network of friends, colleagues, and co-workers to whom he was incredibly close over these past 40 years.

Personal Life

John Melican was an exemplary educator in his community, serving Northborough-Southborough school districts for nearly two decades as their superintendent.

His work ethic was impressive, but his greatest impact was instilling a passion for learning in his students. According to friend Pat Gobron, his teaching style was unique; it made math seem exciting and captivating for his pupils.

In addition to his career as an education leader, he was also an attorney. His expertise lies in anti-money laundering (AML), regulatory compliance and due diligence. Before joining EXIGER he was an AML and compliance executive with Bear, Stearns & Company and American Express Travel Related Services; furthermore he holds a law degree from Albany Law School.

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