John Resor

John Resor – A Leader in Community and Business Development

John Resor is an esteemed real estate professional who has had a significant impact on Jackson Hole. As both a leader in community and business development, his expertise is widely sought-after by those within the region.

He has had a significant role in shaping Teton Village with visible projects like moving power lines underground and building a golf course, as well as more subtly with initiatives like workforce housing at Shooting Star.

Early Life and Education

John Resor was the son of Helen Lansdowne Resor and Stanley Burnet Resor. He attended both Groton School and Yale University.

After graduating, he joined Scroll and Key, an advertising agency. Later, he was made a partner of prestigious law firm Debevoise & Plimpton.

President Lyndon Johnson appointed him Army Secretary in 1965 and he oversaw the troop buildup in Vietnam as well as investigating the massacre of civilians at My Lai. Additionally, he created the framework for an all-volunteer Army and developed helicopter-based warfare tactics.

In 1971, when he resigned his post, he warned against the potential divisiveness of the Vietnam War leading to new American isolationism. Furthermore, he introduced women into senior ranks within the service and helped eliminate racial discrimination in off-base housing at German bases.

Professional Career

John Resor is an esteemed real estate broker in Teton County, Wyoming. In the last year he closed 38 transactions and earned recognition by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 20 sales professionals (measured by volume) in both 2001 and 2007.

In addition to his career as a real estate agent, he serves on the board of City Kids Wilderness Project. He and his wife Kitty reside in Wilson with their five children.

Achievements and Honors

Resor has been honored for his dedication to the community. He received several honors, such as the University’s esteemed 2019-21 Foundation Professorship, Teaching and Learning Award, and Faculty Innovator designation.

He is also the founder and president of staySky Resort Management, a hotel management company with properties throughout Miami-Dade County. His expertise in hotel operations coupled with his business acumen have earned him numerous industry awards for guest service excellence, yield management efficiency, and profitability.

He also displays a remarkable ability to connect with people, which is essential for any successful business. This trait was honed during his service in the Peace Corps, where he had the chance to work with communities throughout Africa and Asia. Throughout his career, he has strived to enhance guests’ experiences through strategic business plans combined with creative marketing initiatives.

Personal Life

John Resor was a lawyer, military officer and government official. He served as Secretary of the Army from 1965 to 1971.

While still a student at Yale University, he was invited to join Scroll and Key, the political action group founded by Sargent Shriver, Gerald Ford and Cyrus Vance (who preceded him as Secretary of the Army). Through politics he became critical of United States policy regarding nuclear weapons.

He served as ambassador to MBFR (mutual and balanced force reduction) talks in Vienna between NATO and the Warsaw Pact during the 1970s, earning him the Sylvanus Thayer Award from the United States Military Academy. As a father of two daughters, he and his wife Kitty currently reside in Wilson.

Net Worth

John Resor is a third generation Washingtonian who has amassed great wealth through the family’s agricultural, ranching and development business. As owner of an expansive estate encompassing thousands of acres in Jackson Hole Valley, Resor enjoys unparalleled access to nature.

Judge Bleumel, a former state prosecutor, acknowledged Resor’s history of substance abuse and depression which contributed to his behavior. She noted Resor’s 100+ hours of professional counseling since arrest as evidence. Ultimately, she imposed a sentence similar to what defense attorneys Klein and Allred sought at trial: three months in jail with time off for medical appointments and visiting family in Salt Lake City; also, computer and phone monitoring will be provided at his expense.

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