John Richio

John Richio

John Riccio is an accomplished customer experience management executive with extensive international and regional leadership experiences. Currently, he serves as President of Merkle Asia Pacific.

He was previously Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering and recently transitioned into a new role reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Early Life and Education

John was a lifelong student of literature and had an eye for finding beauty in everything. He admired authors such as Ernest Hemingway and felt fortunate to have had the chance to read their works.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan, enjoying watching various games such as baseball. Additionally, he took pleasure in bowling and even taught his four daughters how to dance the cha cha and waltz.

He enjoyed spending time with his family, especially his grandsons Dominic and Lucas. His warmth, generosity of spirit, and spontaneous conversations endeared him to everyone who met him; inspiring them to respond in kind. The CICU care team at Maine Medical Center worked as one unit on his behalf – his family is deeply appreciative for their assistance.

Professional Career

In March 2010, when Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s (MWRA) wastewater treatment plant flooded, Superintendent John Riccio and his team managed to keep it running by processing 6-7 million gallons of the estimated 20 mgd influent flow. For this feat, Riccio earned himself the New England Water Environment Association’s (NEWEA) Operator of the Year award.

John Riccio has extensive consulting experience throughout Asia Pacific and the United States, and will take over as CEO of Merkle, Dentsu’s customer experience management business in Australia and New Zealand, effective February 2019. This appointment comes following Erik Hallander’s departure to pursue other opportunities.

Achievements and Honors

John Riccio is an esteemed executive in the world of business. With extensive experience leading major digital businesses and strategic initiatives, John is recognized as a specialist in helping clients adapt to market shifts and effectively engage their customers.

He is currently the president of Merkle Asia Pacific at dentsu, a customer experience management company that uses technology and data-driven approaches. Prior to this role, he served as experience consulting partner – APAC for EY.

He is a well-known figure in the industry and has earned many prestigious awards and honors throughout his career. Additionally, he has been actively involved in charitable initiatives like 9/11 relief efforts or Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. A highly talented and passionate individual, he always strives to do his best work.

Personal Life

John Rich is a country singer renowned for his songs. He co-wrote numerous hits such as “Redneck Woman” for Gretchen Wilson and “Mississippi Girl” for Faith Hill.

The musician is also a political activist, openly supporting Republican Party candidates. He sang “Raisin McCain” at the Republican National Convention in 2008 and has also publicly backed Fred Thompson’s candidacy for president.

The country singer is married to Joan Rich and father to three sons. He’s also a brand entrepreneur and the founder of Redneck Riviera, an lifestyle brand that honors ‘Work hard, play hard’ Americans.

Net Worth

John Richio was born on June 4, 1960 in Portland, Maine to Joseph and Lucy (Collello) Richio. On May 19th 2022 at Maine Medical Center he passed away surrounded by his beloved wife Holly and children Dante and Lucas; as well as Jeanne Coughlin from Florida who survived him as well.

He is renowned for being an associate of the Gambino family, along with his childhood friend John Gotti Jr. He testified as a government witness against them during their racketeering trial in 2009. Additionally, he wrote several books about his life as an organized crime figure that have sold at least $3 million in royalties from speaking fees and sales from his books.

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