John Severit

John Severit

John Severit is a person who has achieved great things throughout his life and has also received many honors. His career has been quite successful and he is known for his dedication and commitment to his work. He is a great example for others to follow.

Professional Career

John Severe’s professional career has been filled with many accomplishments. In the field of tennis, he has been a part of the storied Shippan Racquet club in Connecticut, a 10U program coordinator at Weston Racquet, and a ATP Supervisor for Club Med Resorts Worldwide. He also has had the good fortune of coaching many of the greats.

Having played the game of tennis in his adolescent days, John has been able to test his mettle on the court. Although he has yet to claim a championship, he has been an integral part of a few awe-inspiring wins over the years. A few notable victories include a career high of 26 points in a home victory against Queens College Knights, and 2 blocks in a win against Fordham Rams.

Achievements and Honors

The family of John Michael Severit, a member of the Department of Geography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who died May 17 in an accident in Florida, would like to share his accomplishments and honors. He is survived by his father, James Severit, his step-mother, Doug Lamboley, his brothers, Jimmy (Charity) and Allan Severit, and his sisters, Jennifer and Connie.

In addition to his award for winning the prestigious MIT Prize for Research and Scholarship, Hughes has been recognized for his work in the field of marine science. For example, he has been awarded the Huntsman Medal for Excellence in Marine Science from the Royal Society of Canada, as well as a Climate Change Award from the Prince Albert II Foundation in Monaco. His current research continues to focus on coral reef recovery and biodiversity.

Personal Life

The family of John Severit has lost a member. He passed away at the age of 20 on Monday, May 22, 2022. His funeral service will be held on Monday, May 23, at Devine Mercy Funeral Home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Steve Myers will officiate the service. Memorial contributions may be made in his name to Jennifer Severit.

John was born on July 29, 1986, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was married to Jennifer on December 11, 2021. He enjoyed fishing, skiing, and knee boarding. He also loved riding his wave runner. As a child, he enjoyed spending time with his grandparents. They gave him love and acceptance. Although he did not have many friends, he always willingly gave to those around him.

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