John Sinapati

John Sinapati – A Honolulu Police Officer’s Silver Medal of Valor

John Sinapati has a longstanding relationship with the Honolulu Police Department. For his bravery during a traffic stop that escalated into a shootout, he was awarded HPD’s silver medal of valor.

Gouveia’s family has filed a lawsuit against HPD and several officers, including Nahulu. Eric Seitz, the attorney representing Gouveia, stated that Nahulu had an ongoing feud with Sinapati and led two other officers on a pursuit of the car Sinapati was driving.

Early Life and Education

John Sinapati was an intelligent child with an eye for style and the dramatic. He excelled academically and at all of his extracurricular activities; he enjoyed sports, playing the piano, guitar and trumpet as well as cooking and jogging. Most importantly, though, John enjoyed spending time with his children as a great father.

Sinapati has earned many honors, including being awarded Hawaii’s Officer of the Year and being named one of Hawaii’s Best 100 Public Safety Heroes. For his bravery, he was presented with a medal, ring and police shirt.

Professional Career

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On September 12th, 2018, Jonaven Perkins-Sinapati was involved in an accident that involved his car colliding into a police cruiser as it was pursuing him. According to Michael Stern and the family of Sinapati, this accident marked the culmination of years of animosity between Perkins-Sinapati and Honolulu police officer Joshua Nahulu; according to their lawyer Michael Stern and family members.

Personal Life

Sinapati’s personal life revolves around his Pacific Islander heritage. He also supports leadership development initiatives and cultural appreciation events with enthusiasm.

He is delighted with his new role at the APCC and eager to help it flourish as an invaluable resource for Oregon State University students and community members. He plans to highlight its strengths while striving to strengthen its weaknesses.

On Sept. 12th, Jonaven Perkins-Sinapati was one of five passengers in a car that crashed into a wall in Makaha, Hawaii – the latest episode in their years-long feud with Honolulu police officer Nahulu, according to Green and his family attorney Eric Seitz. Doctors have indicated that Perkins-Sinapati may remain in a vegetative state for months ahead.

Net Worth

John Sinapati is a Hawaii resident with an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He has three children: Jonaven, Jasmine and Jessica; both sons to him from his previous relationship; both are employed with the Hawai’i Police Department as officers as well as having served in the military before being arrested on July 13, 2018 for traffic offense when HPD motorcycle officer Stan Cook pulled over Sinapati who then opened fire through his window in what ended up being a serious car crash that left two people in critical condition as well as serious injury to others involved.

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