John Traywick

John Traywick is a Senior Vice President at Southern Company Services

John Traywick has a lengthy record of criminal activity. Recently, he has been charged with sexually assaulting women and breaking into homes across six Massachusetts cities.

In his most recent case, Traywick was accused of sexually assaulting a Carlisle woman. Prosecutors claimed she was molested when Traywick pretended to be a good Samaritan after her car ran out of gas, according to prosecution.

Early Life and Education

Trawick, a gifted athlete and member of North Hall High School’s swimming team and wheelchair basketball, has had an illustrious journey since his premature birth in Kazakhstan with physical disabilities that required years of medical intervention to overcome.

Senior, he plans to attend the University of Arizona to study neuroscience and participate in para swimming and wheelchair basketball programs.

He’s also known as a serial “peeping Tom,” stalking and terrorizing women and children in six communities: Ayer, Chelmsford, Fitchburg, Lowell, Westford and Lawrence. His five-page criminal record includes convictions for trespassing, being an eyewitness to crimes and more.

Professional Career

John Trawick is a Senior Vice President at Southern Company Services and previously served as Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations and Planning for Southern Power. He has extensive expertise in utility and energy business operations, such as strategy, pricing and contracts.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Auburn University and an master’s in mathematics from the University of Tennessee.

Trawick was a professional rugby player for the Montreal Alouettes from 1946 to 1957, playing 12 seasons and scoring four touchdowns in three Grey Cup games. He earned seven Interprovincial Rugby Football Union All Star selections during his playing career.

South Carolina’s Supreme Court is renowned for its diversity, with one Black male and two white female associate justices. In June 2020, the state high court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel issued an opinion condemning Traywick for posting public messages on his Facebook page that “tended to bring the legal profession into disrepute.” As a result, Traywick was forced to admit misconduct and receive a six-month suspension from service on the bench.

Achievements and Honors

Trawick has achieved great success in a variety of fields. He was recognized with numerous awards, including an honorary doctorate from the University of Virginia.

He is an active philanthropist, contributing his time and resources to various organizations. Additionally, he serves on the board of Directors for Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton.

He is also an executive officer at Southern Power, responsible for the operations of their growing electric generation fleet.

He is a member of the Rotary Club of Pensacola and serves on the Achieve Escambia Leadership Council and West Florida Hospital’s board of trustees.

Personal Life

Jack Trawick has a history of mental illness. According to his attorney, he was often delusional while in prison and used the Internet to post letters that insulted victims’ families.

The Alabama Department of Corrections informed The Birmingham News that Trawick has been monitored and censored in his outgoing and incoming mail. Yet he still has access to the Internet, where he has posted bizarre writings about killing Stephanie Gach and other women.

Trawick sent his writings to a New Jersey resident from Holman Correctional Facility in south Alabama, where he is on death row. Additionally, Trawick has been posting drawings and taunts directed at Mary Kate Gach – mother of Stephanie Gach – via social media platforms.

Net Worth

John Trawick is a Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Southern Company, located in Birmingham, Alabama.

On May 4, 1959, Randy Bruce Traywick was born in Marshville, North Carolina to English migrants. His ancestry can be traced back to early English settlers.

Country music superstar, he’s released 20 albums and sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. His career has earned him numerous awards such as Grammys and ACMs.

As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be around $9 million. Much of this wealth stems from his successful career as a country singer, but fame also seems to have fuelled an expansion in his acting career.

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