John Trinta

John Trinta

John Trinta has been married to Diane Swonk since July 4, 2009, and recently retired from Deloitte after 39 years of service.

John has dedicated his career to serving some of the firm’s largest clients. He has held multiple leadership roles within the organization, such as CEO of Financial Advisory Services, Deputy CEO Advisory Services and Deputy National Managing Partner – Tax Services.

Professional Career

John Trinta has held various leadership roles at Deloitte for most of his professional life. He served as CEO and Deputy CEO, respectively; also serving as Partner-in-Charge North America Financial Advisory Services and Deputy National Managing Partner Tax Services at Deloitte. Furthermore, John has served on multiple Boards of Directors within the firm while working with some of the biggest clients in the industry. When not at work, John enjoys spending quality time with family, cooking delicious meals, and being outdoors.

Achievements and Honors

John Trinta has achieved great success throughout his long and distinguished career. He was chief economist at Mesirow Financial in Chicago and a member of both the Federal Reserve Board and Congressional Budget Office. Additionally, he was appointed first CEO of Deloitte’s Financial Advisory Services group where he served as partner in tax consulting and management consulting.

John Trinta was an impressive professional success and proud father to three daughters. He also holds an admirable position within Pitt-Johnstown University, being awarded with an honorary degree and joining their Board of Trustees. When not working or cheering on his favorite team, John enjoys spending quality time with family and cheering them on!

Personal Life

Trinta had an illustrious professional career in tax consulting services at Deloitte, holding several leadership positions such as Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Advisory Services; Partner in Charge North America Financial Advisory Services and Deputy National Managing Partner – Tax Services. After 39 years at the firm, he retired in June 2020 with a pension of $9.0 million.

He is married to Diane Swonk and they have five children. John holds a degree in business administration and is an active member of both the AICPA and CPA, as well as serving on various community-related boards. John retired as partner from Deloitte after serving some of its largest clients for 16 years. Additionally, he served on both U.S. and Functional Global Boards with distinction throughout this time; John has always led by example when serving Deloitte’s large client portfolio with distinction.

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