John Trisciani

John Trisciani, a New Hampshire Football Coach

John Trisciani is a retired high school coach in New Hampshire who now coaches at Bishop Guertin. With 43 years of coaching experience under his belt at schools such as Manchester Memorial, Trinity and Youngsville, he is well known in the state.

He has also served as an umpire for 23 years and is the son of legendary Saint Anselm College football coach John Trisciani, whom he succeeded.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Trisciani has spent much of his adult life coaching football, both at the high school and college levels. He served as head coach at Trinity High School, worked on the staff at Manchester Memorial, and served as equipment manager for Saint Anselm College.

He has served as a baseball umpire for 30 years and was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame this past May for his contributions to the sport.

Trisciani is a proud father to his two children: John, recently named head football coach at Bishop Guertin; and Kaity varsity lacrosse player for Milford. Their family includes pets such as dogs, cats and even a hybrid between them – called an Ekaterina!

Achievements and Honors

John Trisciani has accomplished a lot in his life. He is an active member of the New Hampshire High School Athletic Association and certified as an athletic equipment manager.

He has coached football for 43 years and is currently the defensive line coach at Saint Anselm College. Additionally, he has 23 years of baseball coaching experience as well as 30 years of umpiring expertise.

He has coached for many teams, such as the Manchester Bears, Youngsville Hawks and Manchester East Cobras. Additionally, he was the president of the Manchester Pony League for several years and coached several All-Star teams. For all his efforts he has received numerous awards.

Personal Life

John Trisciani’s personal life was severely disrupted by his career. After serving Saint Anselm College’s athletic equipment manager and assistant coach for seven years, he lost his position.

He was still able to help his son coach football and also work as a union pipe fitter and welder, so his loss wasn’t too devastating.

Trisciani, now an assistant coach for Bishop Guertin University, said coaching was an integral part of his father’s life for many years. He played on his dad’s Manchester Pony League teams and coached in the Manchester West Rockets program.

For both father and son, the father-son sideline relationship is a dream come true and will be an exciting highlight of the season. His goal is to promote injury prevention and safety among players as a way of increasing participation rates.

Net Worth

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John Trisciani is an acclaimed writer and youth motivational speaker on crime prevention. Through his successful career, he has amassed a substantial fortune.

He is married to Kathy and they have a son named John – the head football coach at Bishop Guertin High School. As the owner of a substantial fortune, his family enjoys an abundant lifestyle.

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