John Westbay

John Westbay – Self-Taught Painter, Print Maker and Street Artist

John Westbay is a self-taught painter, print maker and street artist currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.

His works often feature large, cartoonish hearts. He draws inspiration from artists such as Takashi Murakami and Shepard Fairey for his artworks.

Early Life and Education

Westbay was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He self-taught himself how to express himself creatively through various mediums; however, it was his vibrant large-format paintings on canvas that proved most satisfying for him.

In addition to his artistic talents, he has made a lasting mark in the education field as an advocate for career-related learning and vocational-technical educators. Among other achievements, he served as director of Davies Career & Technical High school in Lincoln, vice principal at Smithfield High School and interim director of Newport Vocational-Technical Center. His influence cannot be measured numerically but rather through his commitment to educating our young people – earning him the Rhode Island Distinguished Merit Award and recognition within this field.

Professional Career

Westbay is a self-taught painter who has gained notoriety as an influential street artist in Brooklyn, New York. He began by scrawling his signature LOVE logo onto walls throughout the city to gain notoriety and recognition.

He has since dabbled in other artistic mediums such as painting, print making and tattooing. He credits Takashi Murakami and Shepard Fairey with being his major influences.

John Scafiddi, a Marine Park resident and founder of streetwear brand At War, has joined him to form Love and War. Together they’ve designed an apparel collection that speaks to urban realism while infusing color with culture; creativity with pride; and most importantly – passion for their pieces. Their work was showcased at Gallery 23 in Manhattan’s meatpacking district.

Achievements and Honors

John Westbay is a self-taught painter who first made his mark as an urban artist in Brooklyn in 2013. Now based there, John continues to create art from his studio space.

He is an acclaimed muralist whose artwork has been showcased across all five New York boroughs. His debut solo exhibition “Something Beautiful” will open its doors on September 23rd at Gallery 23 in Chelsea Manhattan on September 23.

No matter the medium, his signature message of LOVE and heavy NYC influence will remain consistent across all pieces. He will be showcasing over 20 paintings, limited artist prints, a custom-built hand-painted coffee table as well as several new street wear items.

Personal Life

John Westbay is a self-taught painter whose work has been featured on the covers of art books. His most acclaimed accomplishment is an intricate tribute to Vincent Van Gogh that hangs next to his studio in Manhattan’s famed meatpacking district.

Westbay says the greatest reward of his career has been the people he’s encountered along the way. His wife Josiah Westbay, an artist herself, is as integral to his creative output as all of the artists and patrons who come by his Chelsea loft for updates from the studio. Other accolades include touring China’s art mecca and being featured in a major museum show.

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