Johnny Joint

Johnny Joint – A Quieter, More Comfortable Upgrade For Your Suspension Control Arms

Johnny Joints offer unmatched articulation thanks to a smooth hardened steel ball center rotating inside a proprietary urethane bushing element. They’re quieter and more comfortable to operate compared to Heim joints which may clunk or squeak when operated.

Due to their unique encapsulated design, ball and socket joints are specially-constructed to withstand off-road environments. Furthermore, their longer lifespan makes them an excellent investment.

Early Life and Education

Currie Johnny Joints are an exceptional upgrade for your suspension control arms’ articulation needs. Unlike Delrin or rubber cleavite bushings, their smooth hardened steel ball centers rotate freely within their proprietary urethane bushing to achieve up to 42 degrees of articulation without binding or tearing like other high articulation joints do.

The Johnny Joint body is constructed of durable forged steel for easy bolt on installation and features a grease zerk fitting, two heavy duty heat treated side washers, and an anti-rotation snap ring – making this an upgrade that’s built to stand the test of time.

RockJock offers narrow forged Johnny Joints designed specifically to meet the needs of fabricators and suspension system builders, providing 40 degrees of unrestricted movement in any direction versus 22 for common rod ends, using special urethane bushings with high-density tough 88 material that’s both weather resistant and long-wearing.

Professional Career

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Industry Leading Articulation – Johnny Joint rod ends are designed for superior articulation with their smooth hard steel ball center rotating within their proprietary urethane bushing to allow up to 30 degrees of unrestricted movement (varies depending on size). All Johnny Joint rod ends can be greased for long life and quiet operation and feature 4130 heat treated chromoly housings for added strength and reliability.

Currie Enterprises also offers weld-in bungs designed for use with Johnny Joint rod ends to create custom suspension links. Each custom machined bung comes equipped with left hand threading for effortless bar adjustment.

Achievement and Honors

John Currie’s Johnny Joint innovation marries articulation of a rod end with cushioning and easy maintenance of a urethane bushing for maximum articulation with minimal wear-and-tear maintenance requirements. Unlike conventional ball-and-socket joints, this one uses a smooth hardened steel ball encased in a forged steel body, and can flex up to 42 degrees without tearing its bushing – more articulation than most competing products can manage, which explains their increased durability under extreme conditions.

Two Jeep JKs outfitted with Johnny Joints from RockJock 4×4 have navigated Rubicon Trail over 100 times, Moab trail runs, and pre-runs of Baja 1000 without experiencing failure or need for parts replacement! TMR Customs stocks up to 2″ Johnny Joints as an upgrade for your suspension that are easily rebuilt if necessary.

Personal Life

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Johnny Joint rod ends offer industry-leading articulation with up to 40 degrees of unrestricted movement in any direction (varies based on joint size). Their smooth hardened steel ball center rotates within a proprietary urethane bushing for quiet and vibration dampening performance.

These units can be greased for long-lasting durability and quiet operation, and are fully rebuildable – all you need is a rebuild kit with fresh urethane, side washers, and snap rings to do so.

Net Worth

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