Jop Net Worth

Mariusz Jop Net Worth

Jop is an up-and-coming singer/corridos artist best known for his work with Fuerza Regida band from Sinaloa, Mexico. Additionally he also leads Legado 7 band. Jesus Ortiz Paz is another influential musician estimated to be worth $5 Million with an estimated net worth estimated to be somewhere around that figure; born August 3rd 1978 he currently resides in Miami FL and began performing live in 1995 with Fuerza Regida band before later going solo and creating Legado 7.

Early Life and Education

Mariusz Jop was born in Ostrowiec on 3 August 1978 and currently boasts an estimated networth of $1.5 Million. At 1.88 meters in height and 81 kg he stands out as an iconic personality with an enormous fan base.

Jop is an esteemed musician known for being part of Mexican punk rock band Fuerza Regida, known for their songs that protest government corruption and violence. Additionally, he is well-known director having directed movies like Herman Finkers: EHBO Is My Lust and Life (1987) and Urbanus: Hiep Hiep Rahoe (1998).

Professional Career

Jop is an esteemed singer-songwriter in Mexico’s music industry who rose to prominence through his band Fuerza Regida. Formed in 2005, their songs often speak out against violence and corruption in government. Better known by his stage name Jesus Ortiz Paz, he has built up an impressive career within music.

He began his musical journey in the 1990s with various unsuccessful punk rock bands before founding Fuerza Regida with its other members and becoming immensely popular throughout Mexico.

Personal Life

Jop is a well-renowned singer-songwriter known for his songs critical of Mexican government. A member of punk rock band Fuerza Regida, which has become one of the most beloved bands in Mexico. Although there is no precise information regarding his net worth, many admire him for his activism; among his other interests include painting and traveling. Jop married his partner Agnieszka on 3 August 1978 in Ostrowiec Poland where they still reside today with two children each.

Net Worth

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