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Joyce Yvonne Jackson

Joyce Yvonne Jackson passed away peacefully at her Lubbock residence at 85 years old. Joyce belonged to both the Red Hat Club in Lubbock and Rebekah Lodge.

In an ideal reiki treatment room setting with an expert practitioner and client, the customer lies down fully clothed. The specialist then uses various hand techniques to gently touch or hover over various areas of their body.

Early Life and Education

Joyce hails from Homer, Georgia where she graduated from Habersham County High School in Cornelia before continuing on to The University of Georgia in Athens.

Joyce met Robert “Bob” Bublitz on a blind date and they married shortly thereafter in Spokane, Washington in 1956. Initially stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base before later moving to El Paso where they welcomed two sons of their own.

Joyce and Bob retired to Spokane, WA in 1980 where they made many friends while engaging in their favorite activities of golfing and Bridge. Travelled extensively between states for vacation cruises or land travel as well as volunteering at Ruby’s Pantry or area blood drives; Joyce was always friendly!

Professional Career

Joyce Yvonne Chase has dedicated her life to helping others without expecting anything in return. Her tireless dedication has benefited countless individuals and community projects in both Guyana and the US.

She has extensive experience defending clinical negligence claims involving complex issues of liability, causation and quantum. Additionally, she has represented clients involved in high value cases with catastrophic injuries.

She is a master of Reiki and can channel healing energy directly into one’s body for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. Additionally, she can assist people in discovering the source of energy blockages as well as offer guidance towards leading healthier lifestyles. With an in-depth knowledge of human spirituality and an outstanding listening skills she is highly regarded by both clients and colleagues.

Personal Life

Joyce was an adored wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who delighted in traveling with Roland. Her passion lay with farming as well as creating beautiful flower gardens in her home garden and cooking delicious meals for family members who visited. Joyce was generous and loving enough to welcome family into her home whenever necessary.

She is an Usui Reiki master and spiritual healer with powerful healing energy, helping clients get to the source of any blockages for deep healing.

She is a partner in the firm’s Healthcare Department, regularly providing advice and expertise regarding complex clinical negligence claims with issues of liability, causation and quantum. She has extensive experience dealing with high value catastrophic injury cases resulting from various medical procedures; and can advise clients in matters including orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery and cardiology cases.

Net Worth

Joyce DeWitt has made indelible impressions in television with her stellar contributions, and is admired by all for her dedication and talent. Joyce is well-recognized as an inspirational figure who continues to pursue her craft with passion despite challenges along the way. Joyce remains optimistic and remains dedicated to maintaining a healthy outlook on life thanks to this commitment to her craft.

She recently made an impactful gesture toward her former Three’s Company co-stars by appearing in a music video for Davisson Brothers Band’s song, “Home,” which served as an inspiring testament of her dedication and continued commitment to both industry and fans alike.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, proudly representing Puerto Rican culture while working across both English and Spanish-language media platforms. For her numerous accomplishments and significant contribution to American culture she has received many awards and honors.

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