Judith Holliday Net Worth

Judy Holliday is an absolute delight to watch on stage or screen as she portrays humorous yet endearing ‘dumb blondes’ with ease and charisma. While sometimes approaching caricature territory, Holliday always manages to inject humanity into her roles.

She made her Broadway debut in 1945 and won a Clarence Derwent Award before switching back to film roles.

Early Life and Education

Judy Holliday was born Judith Tuvim in New York City to a Jewish family. Her piano teacher mother took her to ballet classes where her lifelong fascination with show business was nurtured.

She began her career as a singer, performing on Broadway in various plays and musicals before becoming best-known for her performance in both Born Yesterday (stage version) and its movie counterpart (film).

In 1950, she relocated to Hollywood where she quickly found success and won several awards. Audiences loved her voice and beauty but were also concerned with her volatility and possible communist links; consequently in 1952, she was called before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee for questioning.

Professional Career

Judith Holliday began her professional career performing in nightclubs and Broadway plays. Her breakout performance as Billie Dawn in 1946 stage production of Born Yesterday led to being cast in its subsequent 50 film adaptation.

She won an Academy Award for her role in this film and also made appearances in several others like It Should Happen to You with Jack Lemmon and Bells Are Ringing, both musicals.

Judy Holliday signed with Columbia in 1952 and played Florence Keefer in the film, The Marrying Kind. On Broadway she returned with Laurette, an account of actress Laurette Taylor. Holliday later went on to form a longstanding relationship with jazz musician Gerry Mulligan; contributing lyrics for his songs as well.

Achievement and Honors

Judith Tuvim, better known by her stage name Judith Holliday, was born June 21, 1921 in New York City to Abraham Tuvim (a fundraiser) and Helen Gollomb (a music teacher). After graduating Julia Richman High School she went on to work as a switchboard operator at Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater.

At first glance, she may seem like the stereotypical one-dimensional dumb blonde found both on stage and Hollywood films; however, in real life she had an IQ of 172.

She was known for both her talent and beauty. She received many awards for her work. Judith Holliday is interred at Westchester Hills Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York and Rocky producer Gene Kirkwood acquired both her life and music rights to develop a biopic called Smart Blonde2. Judith Holliday was a great actress with many talents who will forever remain remembered by generations to come.

Personal Life

Judy Holliday was born Judith Tuvim on June 21st in New York City. Her mother was a piano teacher who encouraged her to enroll in ballet classes; these sparked her passion for theatre. After graduating Julia Richman High School she began working at Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater as an apprentice switchboard operator before later going onto create her own production company called Holliday Productions with Orson Welles as director.

Her movie persona was that of an eccentric eccentric with strong Jewish roots that could often be seen through her movies.

She was summoned by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1952, which caused serious damage to her career; yet, she quickly rebounded, appearing in films such as Adam’s Rib and Born Yesterday in Billie Dawn roles respectively. Additionally, she enjoyed an ongoing relationship with jazz musician Gerry Mulligan before her passing in New York City on June 7th 1965.

Net Worth

Judy Holliday reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $5 Million. The movie actress is well known for her charming wit and great comedic timing on screen.

She began her career performing nightclub acts before breaking into Broadway plays and musicals. Following her performance as Billie Dawn in 1946 stage production of Born Yesterday she was cast for its 50 film adaptation which led to several other film roles throughout her career.

Jack Lemmon and she formed an immensely successful comic duo, most notably in 1952’s It Should Happen to You and 1956’s The Solid Gold Cadillac. Additionally, in 1952 she was called before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee for questioning regarding allegations she may be linked with communism.

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