Jumar Henry

Jumar Henry and His Mother’s Decapitated Head

After relatives discovered Jennifer Ling, 43, inside her tidy home, police received a call about her head being found in a bag blocks away. Witnesses saw Jumar Henry walk to the back of a lot with black plastic bag before returning moments later without it.

Early Life and Education

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Members of Jennifer Renee Ling’s church noticed scratches on his face and blood under his fingernails on Jumar Henry, 21-year-old son, was then arrested and charged with decapitating her and disposing of her head at an alley three blocks away, the Jacksonville Times-Union reported Tuesday. Henry has been charged with murdering Ling.

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Professional Career

Jumar Henry hails from Florida and works as a carpenter and artist; he also runs his own tattoo studio. Police found Henry’s mother’s decapitated head at 1561 West 6th Street on April 2010 when witnesses noticed strange behavior at her home Saturday evening, such as going behind it with plastic bag in hand and coming back without it later that day; members of a local church saw bruises and blood under his fingernails on Sunday morning which prompted them to contact police; when Henry arrived for interview at sheriff’s office he attempted to force himself out and caused a physical altercation with officers which resulted in arrest; this caused physical altercations with officers which resulted in arrest on April 10th 2010.

Personal Life

Jennifer Renee Henry Ling was discovered by family at her Jacksonville, Florida residence and immediately reported it. Police then received another call advising them that her head had been found nearby in a bag.

Witnesses reported that Jumar Henry arrived at the home Saturday evening acting suspiciously, going back into the back yard carrying a bag before returning without it.

He was arrested after members of his church noticed bruises to his face and blood under his fingernails and alerted the authorities. He is currently facing murder and decapitation charges against his mother and is ineligible for bail; although last year, a judge declared him incompetent; since then however, psychiatrists have determined otherwise.

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