Kaho Cho

Ka Ho Cho, an American woman of Korean heritage, is 64 years old and prefers to keep details about her life private.

Redd Foxx was an American comedian and actor best known for his raunchy nightclub acts and roles on Sanford & Son, All the Fine Young Cannibals, Cotton Comes to Harlem among many others.

Early Life and Education

Ka ho Cho was born in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Though her exact date of birth remains unknown to the general public, it is estimated she would now be approximately 64 years old and holds dual citizenship with both countries.

John Elroy Sandford was an American comedian and actor best known by his stage name Redd Foxx, but had previously been married to Yun Chi Chung for almost twenty years until their separation in 1981.

Kaho Cho became his fourth wife and they were legally wed in July 1991; unfortunately he passed away a few months later in October of that same year. Unfortunately they never had any children together but he did have one daughter from his previous marriage to Joi Yun Chi Chung named Debraca Denise whom he would visit frequently.

Achievement and Honors

Ka Ho is blessed to have an enduring family that loves and supports her, from parents and siblings who play a major part in shaping her personality to close friends who always come through when it’s needed.

She was previously married to Red Foxx, who passed away in 2017. Although their union was short-lived, she still holds onto their memories together and honors his legacy while remaining open to future possibilities of love. She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Personal Life

Kaho Cho is known to prefer staying out of the spotlight and keeping her social media accounts private; nothing that might draw media coverage is done that might draw unnecessary attention to herself.

She has fair skin, an unknown height and weight. Born in 1959 in Seoul and holding dual citizenship of South Korea and the United States.

Debraca Denise was the fourth wife of Redd Foxx (John Elroy Sanford, better known in comedy circles by his stage name Redd Foxx), an American comedian renowned for his stage act until his death in 1991. They did not have children together; rather, she has one stepdaughter named Debraca Denise whom they both share a legal battle over and she eventually received control of its proceeds.

Net Worth

Cho prefers not to reveal her net worth publicly and remains out of the limelight.

Redd Foxx, known for his comedic talent and impeccable timing in television comedy shows. Over time she has managed to amass wealth and assets.

Debraca Denise, her stepdaughter, is accused of misappropriating some of her father’s funds shortly after his death in 2006.

A person’s net worth can be calculated by subtracting their liabilities from their assets. Assets include cash in checking and savings accounts, investments, vehicles and real estate that can be sold for cash; liabilities include credit card debt, student loans mortgage payments or any other financial obligations that must be met; if your net worth is positive this indicates your assets outweigh debt allowing a financial cushion in case of emergency situations.

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