Kam Walker Nc State

Kam Walker Has Been Offered a Scholarship to NC State

Kam Walker, a TE from Pisgah, has been offered a scholarship to NC State.

He is a four-star recruit from Western North Carolina and he has the potential to be a star in the 2020 class at NC State.

The Wolfpack have a lot to like in Walker and they will be able to use his skill set in the passing game as well as on special teams. He’s a very talented player and we are going to be looking for him to show us what he can do in the upcoming season.

Hopefully, we will see him play a big role in the team this year and get some carries. The rest of the backs on the roster have no real experience and are all new to the program. They are all high-flying, hard-running players that are capable of catching the football and making plays in the running game.

A few other things to look for this year include the speed of Jackson and Vann, who have both been praised during fall camp. They could both break out this year and be a force in the Wolfpack’s front three.

Another thing to look for is the return of Cory Durden, who is a Florida State transfer who accumulated first-team All-ACC honors after replacing C.J. Clark last year at defensive end. He’s a physical player that will be a great addition to the team this year.

He’s also a great athlete and could be a huge asset in the run game this season. He’s been playing in the backfield for his entire life and has a great set of skills that will help him succeed this year.

As a result, we have him on our watch list for the 2022 recruiting class and we are very excited to see him take the next step in his athletic career!

One thing to keep in mind is that blueshirts are not a common way for high-profile players to join the school’s program. It’s a loophole in NCAA rules that allows players to gain academic credit and participate on the team without having to actually visit campus.

The main issue with this is that he’s not a member of the current recruiting class and thus won’t count against his final numbers, so it could hurt his case for scholarship. This is a situation that rarely occurs, but it can happen when a player is on a wait-and-see approach to their future.

Walker has been a star at Pisgah and will have an opportunity to play in the WNC playoffs this year. We are very excited to see him continue to develop and become a top player in the WNC this year!

The NC State Wolfpack have a good group of returning starters, and a good number of backups as well. They have a strong linebacker core with Isaiah Moore and Payton Wilson returning from season-ending injuries. If both can stay healthy, they’ll be among the best in the country. The offense features the two obvious starters in Thayer Thomas and Devin Carter, with Porter Rooks and Darryl Jones joining the mix as well.

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