Kandi And The Gang Renewed

Kandi Burruss Announces She Will Not Be Returning to Bravo For Season 2 of Kandi and the Gang

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss announced that she would not be returning to Bravo for Season 2 of Kandi & the Gang. Burruss confirmed the news in an Amazon Live broadcast. However, she did not provide any further details about the show’s cancellation.

The new series is a spinoff of RHOA. It will feature Kandi and the XSCAPE group. According to Burruss, the new show will follow the gang after their epic performance. She said it will have “heart” and “feelings.” Hopefully, it will have more than just drama.

The cast of Kandi & the Gang was split into four groups. The first is the restaurant’s employees. Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss are the owners of the restaurant, while Shawndreca Robinson, Melvin Jones, Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox are the staff members. There is also Rashard “Shardo” who lends a hand to the front of the restaurant. This character is described as someone who is “professional, polished and smart.” He tries to rub his professionalism off on the other coworkers.

Another character that is part of the gang is Patrick, Kandi’s cousin. Patrick has a side business in real estate. When Patrick is not working at the restaurant, he is pursuing a romance with Safari Foxe, the owner of a body essentials line. But Safari isn’t too excited about the relationship between Patrick and Shawndreca.

Patrick also has side hustles in all natural luxury body essentials. He is very smitten with Safari. In the past, Patrick was the resident ladies’ man at the restaurant.

During the first season of Kandi & the Gang, there was plenty of drama in the cast. Many of the employees are dating. But there is tension between Kandi and the XSCAPE bandmates. LaTocha Scott, for example, is at odds with Kandi. And there are intense sexual situations.

As for the rest of the cast, it is unclear if they will be part of the new series. Those who are fans of the show have said that they were disappointed that the series was cancelled. That said, they hope the cast will be back in future seasons of RHOA.

Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss will be returning for Season 15 of RHOA. Fans have asked if Kandi will return for another season of Kandi & the Gang. While it is still unknown if that will happen, she has said that she will continue to film the show. At the same time, she has teased fans that drama will return in the upcoming season.

Finally, it is unknown if the gang will return to Bravo for a second season. Although the show was canceled after just one season, it was rated lower than other spinoffs of the show, such as Kandi’s Wedding. Thankfully, viewers will be able to watch Season 1 on Peacock, the official streaming platform of the channel.

With all of the recent spinoffs of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it is hard to believe that Kandi & the Gang has been canceled. After all, she had a successful first season.

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