Kara Swisher Net Worth

Kara Swisher is a well-known Journalist with an outstanding social media presence. In addition to having several children of her own and marrying Megan Smith – a former tech CEO – they share two dogs named Oliver and Scout and reside together.

Her co-founding of Recode and contributions to major publications have allowed her to amass wealth; by 2023 her estimated net worth is expected to have grown significantly, surpassing $3 Million.

Early Life and Education

Kara Swisher was born 11 December 1962 in the United States. She is an American technology business journalist, co-founder of Recode and contributor to New York Times Opinion section.

She earned both her undergraduate and graduate journalism degrees from Georgetown University, starting her career with writing for both its newspaper The Hoya as well as more progressive publication The Georgetown Voice.

Lesbian, Amanda Katz was married for 18 years before divorcing Megan Smith in 2018. Since 2018, she and Amanda Katz have been living together and share one daughter; currently, the pair resides in California where they enjoy an excellent relationship and remain busy with work commitments.

Professional Career

Kara Swisher is an established journalist in the US. She has written for numerous publications including New York Magazine and hosts Recode Decode podcast. Additionally, she boasts an enormous following across social media accounts.

At the beginning of her career, she wrote for Hoya newspaper and interned at The Washington Post before going on to earn a Master’s in journalism from Columbia University.

She has over 23 years of experience as a technology business journalist, founding and running her own technological news portal as well as contributing to The New York Times opinion section.

Swisher is an openly gay woman. In 2008, she married Megan Smith (then Chief Technology Officer of Google). They divorced four years later in 2018 with two sons named Louis and Alexander from their first marriage.

Achievement and Honors

Swisher is an established writer, having written for various publications including The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, she founded All Things Digital.

She is known for her insightful interviews, making her one of the world’s most influential journalists. She has interviewed numerous tech leaders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Recode’s resident opinion writer and host of Recode Decode and Pivot podcasts as well as MSNBC Revolution series.

She is an accomplished speaker, earning various awards for her work in Silicon Valley journalism and as one of the area’s foremost journalists. Newsweek named her one of Silicon Valley’s “most feared and respected journalist.” In addition, she is also known for being a passionate philanthropist.

Personal Life

Kara Swisher has established herself as an influential voice within the tech industry, shaping conversations and perspectives through her work. Additionally, she’s authored many thought-provoking books.

She co-founded Recode and All Things Digital, contributes to major publications like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times Opinion section and hosts her own podcast Sway; furthermore she regularly appears as a guest expert on shows like CNN Investigates.

Swisher is known to lead an unconventional personal life. She is openly homosexual and has been married twice to women; the first marriage was to Megan Smith (former Chief Technology Officer of the US). Their first union lasted 18 years until they parted ways; Amanda Katz currently resides with Swisher in Washington D.C.

Net Worth

Swisher has established herself as an esteemed journalist over several decades, amassing an impressive net worth along the way.

Her bylines have appeared in esteemed publications like New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, she hosts the popular tech podcast Pivot and co-founded Recode as well as All Things Digital conference.

Swisher has earned her reputation as “Silicon Valley’s most-feared and well-liked journalist”. After graduating from Princeton Day School in 1976, Swisher went on to study foreign service at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service where she earned a B.S degree.

Kara Swisher remains an influential voice in journalism despite recent scandals – her interviews and insights influence conversations around technology.

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