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Kara Thoms Net Worth – Net Worth of a Famous Novelist

Kara Thoms, born August 2nd 1989 and aged 29 years, reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. She is best known for writing the Prep School Confidential book series as well as its sequel The Darkest Corners series.

She currently serves as a broker-sales associate for Lois Schneider Realtor and boasts an array of skills encompassing financial expertise, technical capabilities and local market understanding.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born and raised in New Zealand but moved to the US as an adolescent. She developed her love of acting at an early age thanks to her mother who encouraged it. While in high school, Thomas participated in several local theatre productions alongside some outstanding directors.

As she became an adult, she found roles both on TV and movies. She appeared as Rapunzel on an episode of Discovery Channel’s ‘Scary Tales’ as part of season one and also in a film entitled Prank about high schoolers who attempt a prank that backfires.


Professional Career

Kara is one of the youngest Broker-Sales Associates on Lois Schneider Realtor sales team and boasts extensive business expertise having worked in finance providing audit services for financial institutions as well as corporate interior design management projects nationwide.

Thomas then joined the Brother Elephants of the Chinese Professional Baseball League, serving as their closer and recording 23 saves at 0.75 ERA; becoming one of the league’s leaders in saves.

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Achievement and Honors

Thomas became the first Florida Gator gymnast ever to earn perfect 10s on vault and floor exercise in one meet, becoming also one of only three NCAA gymnasts ever to earn three gym slams (all four apparatuses earning perfect scores).

Kara Thoms believes in living life with ease and an effortless yet refined aesthetic – breathing simplicity, appreciating authenticity, honing quality and versatility, supporting local production and sparking deeper meaning into everyday living.

All their pieces are crafted in small batches by a family-run business in Bali and hand-dyed using natural mineral dyes sourced by the designer himself. Furthermore, everything produced ethically by a team of dedicated workers handpicked by him – they work from their homes in Bali allowing them to stay close to their families while upholding traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Personal Life

Thoms has made several film and television appearances, such as Rent: the Movie in 2005 and Wonderfalls as Lily Rabin; she also appeared in Cold Case, The Devil Wears Prada, and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof.

She lives on Long Island with her husband, son and rescue cat. She has written six young adult novels including Prep School Confidential and its sequels such as The Darkest Corners, Little Monsters and Cheerleaders.

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Net Worth

She has made significant strides in writing for young adults, publishing six books including Prep School Confidential and its sequels Little Monsters and The Darkest Corners. Warner Bros also purchased her screenplay for television.

Kara lives in Dallas with her husband and daughter and prefers to keep her personal life private. Kara’s husband works as a morning news anchor at WFAA Dallas.

Kara has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million and boasts an impressive salary from her work as a novelist. She enjoys widespread celebrity status on social media with fans loving both her work and style; young adults look up to her and respect her amongst peers.

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