Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball

Kaster, Lynch, Farrar & Ball

Kaster, Lynch, Farrar & Ball is a law firm that specializes in tire defect litigation. The firm has won significant verdicts for its clients, ranging from an $8 million settlement for a Louisiana woman to a $6.7 million product defect award for a New Jersey family. In fact, the law firm was recently selected as one of the National Law Journal’s Elite Trial Lawyers “Law Firms of the Year” for its work on a number of high profile products liability cases.

The Kaster, Lynch, Farrar oxford tidbits of the day include the above mentioned legal victories, as well as the firm’s aggressive pursuit of tire maker settlements. In addition, the firm has forged a strong national trial docket, spanning more than two dozen states and territories. This is just the beginning for this innovative firm. As a matter of fact, the firm has already been a pioneer in the industry, being the first to make use of a digitized video recording service to provide clients with a real-time account of their case.

Kaster and Lynch are also notable for their foray into the tire industry, a field that has become a specialization. The firm has won numerous substantial verdicts in this area, and its attorneys have helped shape the way we think about treads and rims. For example, the firm successfully obtained a closely guarded document that revealed a design flaw in a tire that caused an explosion that killed a New Jersey woman.

On the other hand, the team of Wesley Todd Ball and Kyle Farrar has been responsible for numerous large verdicts, and their multi-state and national trial campaigns have made them one of the country’s premier trial lawyers. In fact, the pair has been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers, and a “Top 100” lawyer by the American Society of Trial Lawyers. Despite their achievements, the pair has not lost sight of their philanthropic nature, donating a large portion of their fees to charity. Among other organizations, the lawyers are active members of the Attorneys Information Exchange Group, which focuses on product liability outcomes.

Aside from the tire industry, the team at Kaster, Lynch, Farrar LLP has also been successful at mounting high-tech and aggressive discovery efforts against other global automotive manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Chevrolet.

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