Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels – An American Actress and a Milken Educator

She possesses extensive transactional expertise in content and technology licensing, publishing agreements, software development contracts, music licensing agreements and merchandiser agreements. Additionally, she regularly drafts and negotiates terms of use agreements, privacy policies and corporate contracts.

Daniels’ AP European and U.S. History classes at Petal High School in Mississippi emphasize writing as an integral component of learning about history.

Early Life and Education

Katherine Daniels is a history teacher who makes learning come alive for her students at Petal High School in Mississippi. She offers advanced placement European and United States history courses and prioritizes improving writing and communication skills to make learning more efficient – leading her to being honored this year as a Milken Educator – which comes with an unrestricted $25,000 award!

Daniels encourages her students to think critically about historical figures and events while simultaneously applying what they’ve learned in their everyday lives. She frequently searches out scholarships for them as well as assists them with taking college entrance exams.

Colin Kinney of San Jose, California; her parents Diana (Porter) Daniels of Island Falls, Maine and Larry and Susan Kinney; are her only surviving family.

Personal Life

Katherine Daniels is an American actress best known for appearing in low to mid budget films. Additionally, she works as a social worker and practices Scientology; personally she’s devoted to being both wife and mother.

She remains very private and rarely grants interviews or shares details about her personal life on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Alma Louise “Jurley” Lyons and Sanders Daniels of Ruston, Louisiana gave her birth. She attended Lincoln High School there where she graduated as Salutatorian. Additionally, she became active within the Methodist Church where her religious practices and beliefs have been heavily impacted by both of her parents’ teachings; furthermore her hobbies included reading, painting and gardening.

Professional Career

Katherine Daniels has experience litigating intellectual property-related disputes involving copyrights, trademarks and patents as well as negotiating complex content transactional agreements for content production companies, book publishers, music publishing houses and technology firms.

Katherine Montani is an SHRM-SCP and launched Montani Consulting as her own consulting firm in 2013. Montani Consulting assists businesses in creating high performing teams who are engaged and committed to their work lives.

She serves on the writing faculty of Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, teaching poetry in hospital settings, cancer support groups, elementary education classes and addiction recovery communities. Based in Nashville, Tennessee she has earned multiple accolades including winning the Hanes Prize from Fellowship of Southern Writers.

Achievement and Honors

Due to her unwavering commitment to teaching, a former valedictorian was honored with a Milken Educator Award in 2019. This accolade honors teachers who excel in their classroom and demonstrate devotion towards furthering education; each recipient receives an unrestricted $25,000 cash prize as an accolade of this level of distinction.

Daniels serves as co-leader of Petal High School history department and teaches her students to write effectively while reading and researching. She hosts daily professional learning community meetings, creates curriculum, serves on school leadership teams and secures grants for the South Mississippi Writing Project to improve writing achievement in rural and underperforming schools.

She was honored as part of the 93rd Assembly District’s Women of Distinction list alongside Allison Turcan of D.I.G Farm.

Net Worth

She is also an accomplished writer, having written for well-known television series such as L Spice and films such as Last Breath. Her remarkable efforts in both fields have garnered her much fame and fortune.

She has appeared as a guest on many talk shows and is the voice behind Apple’s iPhone 5. Additionally, she has had various film and television roles.

On The Office, she played Phyllis Vance – a saleswoman in Dunder Mifflin for 154 episodes as an original recurring character before becoming a regular in season six.

She holds a strong interest in Scientology and works as a social worker. She lives with Catherine Bell in a $2.050,000 house; additionally, she narrated History Channel’s 3-part miniseries on George Washington entitled Washington (2020) which she hosted. Her net worth has been estimated at approximately $1 Million.

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