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Kem Owens and His Wife Erica

R&B singer Kem is married, with Erica as his partner in life and music. It has been said that Erica’s DJ career inspired some of Kem’s recent work.

Since 2019, Troi and Laylah have been married. Together they reside in Atlanta with their four children Kristoffer, Israel and Laylah.

Early Life and Education

Kem Owens was born Kim Owens in Nashville, Tennessee. At an early age he began playing music, inspired by both of his parents who were musicians themselves. Later he went on to study jazz, R&B and soul classes at the University of Michigan.

He and Erica have been happily married for three years. They first met each other at an Atlanta Georgia meet and greet event before dating for some time before getting engaged and officially getting hitched.

Kem and Sarah share two sons and a daughter together and remain extremely private about their personal lives, rarely talking about them or sharing photos on social media. Together they form an incredible support system for each other – even inspiring some of Kem’s songs!

Professional Career

Kem was born in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to Detroit as a teenager. By 19 he had dropped out of high school and spent his early adult years homeless and addicted to drugs; while making ends meet by singing top 40 cover songs in wedding bands or waiting tables.

His music earned him opening slots with War and Donald Byrd, as well as an admirer base among Detroiters who appreciated its elegant, intimate R&B.

Erica, Kem’s wife, is a disc jockey whose age remains unknown to the general public as she has shared no details via her social media platforms. However, looking at their images together shows an age gap of 5-10 years between them; yet they appear content together despite this issue.

Achievement and Honors

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Music Business Management at Berklee College of Music. Combining music, storytelling and business acumen into one holistic offering for clients is something Sarah excels at doing.

Kem Owens is an internationally-recognized R&B/Soul artist renowned for his smooth yet emotive crooning. His gentle yet captivating singing has moved many, especially those experiencing feelings of worthlessness.

Kem married Erica in November 2019 after three years of dating, creating an extraordinary household filled with their five children Troi, Laylah, Kristoffer and Trinity in suburban Atlanta. Kem is also an author and entrepreneur; his book entitled Share My Life details his journey from homelessness to becoming an award-winning artist – it can now be purchased on Amazon! He serves as public speaker.

Personal Life

R&B artist Kem, better known by his full name of Kim Lamont Owens, has quickly made himself a standout with his smooth blend of R&B and jazz sounds. A veteran on the soul music scene with top 40 hits like Share My Life under his belt.

Erica Kem is Kem’s wife and is actively involved in music industry as a disc jockey. Erica has had an impactful influence on some of Kem’s new work; during an appearance on Ricky Smiley’s Morning Show in 2020 he revealed that his new song Lie To Me was about her.

There is little known about the wife of a musician; however, she seems to prefer keeping herself private and does not share photos on social media very often. Additionally, there may be an age difference of five to ten years between the couple.

Net Worth

Kem Owens and Erica have been in a relationship since approximately 2019; together, they share five children: Troi, Laylah, Kristoffer and Trinity.

Real Coco, run by the couple, sells coconut water and chips. In addition, OnlyFans charges $250 annually to access exclusive content on social media.

He is an R & B singer with multiple albums under his belt, estimated to be worth between $1-5 Million. He holds several brand partnerships – most notably in 2018, signing a seven-figure deal with Primark for their men’s grooming collection; additionally he won Love Island UK with Amber Davies; PrettyLittleThing as well as Ann Summers are his brand ambassadors.

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