khloe kardashian evil eye bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet and More From the Kardashians

During the holiday season, celebrities have been donning gems in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a whole lot more. Aside from the usual suspects, there are a few standouts to be found among the masses. A good time to check out your local jeweler might be around the corner. And, who says you have to wear a gold chain to look festive?

A recent rumor involving the Kardashian clan has it that Khloe and Tristan are expecting. The announcement was made on December 20th and, while it wasn’t accompanied by any major revelations, it did spawn some interesting gimmicks. One of the most notable was the “Mommy” diamond bracelet, which Khloe revealed to her followers via Snapchat. The bling bling was a funky take on the traditional evil eye design.

The jewel is a small bracelet, which spells out “Mommy” in pink diamonds. It’s part of a three-piece collection that includes a coordinating necklace and earrings. It’s a nice gesture, considering the fact that the babes are expected to share a middle-eastern ancestry.

In addition to the aforementioned bracelet, Khloe has been sharing with her fans that she is pregnant in a series of Instagram posts. She has also been spotted wearing a massive diamond ring in Boston. The best thing about the bling bling is that it’s something she can show off to her friends and relatives.

The aforementioned bracelet is just the beginning of a three-piece collection that’s already being praised by critics and fans alike. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are also sporting evil eye bracelets that Khalife designed for them. He’s also designed a necklace with the same name, which he did for Hadid in the past. The gimmick is that the necklace has a special function. It functions as an amulet that is said to be able to protect against malicious glares.

While the Kardashian clan might be a tad less flashy than their counterparts, there’s no denying that they are fashionistas in the truest sense. During the holiday season, the girls were out and about and, as a result, they managed to catch the attention of some high-flyers. In addition to the new bauble, Gigi showed off a revealing two-piece snakeskin set from the Misha Collection and Kylie donned an Erina pencil skirt and lace-up stiletto boots.

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