Kirsten Larvick

As a documentary filmmaker and audiovisual archivist, she works on preservation and digitization projects for private collections. Additionally, she advises independent documentary arts companies and serves on the board of Al Larvick Fund.

She has worked with the State Historical Society of North Dakota and other organizations on digitizing home movies. Additionally, she founded the Al Larvick Conservation Fund – a non-profit that preserves historical and cultural heritage through conservation efforts such as education programs about American analog home movies, amateur cinema, and community recording collections.

Early Life and Education

She uses historical evidence to gain an understanding of present realities. Her films showcase how individuals record their personal, cultural and historic legacies on film.

She was awarded conservation and access grants from both Al Larvick Fund and Pro8mm, supporting digitization and online accessibility of analog home movie, amateur cinema and community recording collections.

Following her graduation, she relocated to Durango, Colorado where she immersed herself in mountain living and earned a Bachelor’s of Cellular and Molecular Biology with an Exercise science minor degree.

She currently studies master’s at the University of Arkansas while simultaneously working as a movie-maker and audiovisual archivist – combining her passions of film-making and history in her profession.

Professional Career

Kirsten Larvick is a film preservationist who works closely with independent filmmakers to reach their archiving, preservation and exhibition goals. In memory of her grandfather Al Larvick she created the Al Larvick Conservation Fund; additionally she co-chairs Women’s Film Preservation Fund’s Grant Selection Committee.

She specializes in analog home movie and amateur cinema collections and is passionate about family history. She has digitalized thousands of hours of analog and analog-to-digital family films.

She has organized and presented several programs about film preservation, community archives, and women directors. She serves on the Boards of NYWIFT and BlackBox and currently resides in Los Angeles; additionally, she was one of the founding members of AMIA’s Pathways Fellowship program.

Achievement and Honors

Kirsten Larvick began her career working in administrative capacities within the nonprofit sector and quickly evolved into acting as auditor and special program administrator, later taking on supportive and managerial positions for national commercial service companies.

Al Larvick Fund is a film preservation and story sharing nonprofit which works to conserve, make accessible, and preserve analog home movie, amateur cinema, and community recording collections. She serves on both grant selection committees for Al Larvick Fund as well as co-chairing Women’s Film Preservation Fund grant selection committee.

Kirsten has extensive film industry experience as well as being an author and speaker on archival practice and advocacy, serving as guest curator at the City Reliquary and holding multiple positions within its staff.

Personal Life

Tom Wopat enjoys an idyllic relationship with Kirsten S. Larvick, an accomplished filmmaker and audiovisual archivist. They share three grandchildren together.

She has over thirty years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, supporting and managing administrative roles within business systems and operations. She now brings this skill set to the Al Larvick Fund Board as Treasurer.

Al Larvick Conservation Fund was created after the death of an individual dedicated to documenting daily activities, the Al Larvick Conservation Fund supports efforts to conserve and make available analog home movie, amateur cinema, and community recording collections. Furthermore, educational outreach programs are also funded. ALCF works towards protecting historical and cultural heritage through dialogue, education and public accessibility – featuring some regional films preserved with its assistance through this online series.

Net Worth

Tom currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million USD as of 2021, having amassed his fortune through acting. He lives an extravagant lifestyle and owns numerous properties as well as driving expensive cars.

He soon expanded from The Dukes into roles in musicals on stage and supporting roles in movies and television. He appeared regularly as Cybill in the 1990s comedy series before moving onto Longmire as Sheriff Jim Wilkins.

He is currently married and the proud parent of five children with Kirsten Larvick, an audiovisual archivist and filmmaker, serving as his long-term girlfriend turned wife. Together they share two daughters – Taylor and Lindsey – as well as three sons (Joey Cobbs, Walker Wopat and Adam Wopat) whom all live happily together.

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