kodak black house address

Kodak Black House Address

Throughout Kodak Black’s career, he has faced numerous legal issues. Some of the legal cases include drug possession and sexual battery. These crimes are punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Kodak has been arrested on several occasions and faced jail time. His legal problems began in middle school. After his arrest, the rapper took part in a life skills course. He also worked for a charity organization called the Zachariah McQueen Foundation. During his prison term, he received a GED. In addition, he made charitable donations to 28 families in West Palm Beach. He was released from jail in June. After serving 97 days, he was given a yearlong probation.

After his release, he was arrested again and charged with carrying a firearm, which was illegal. He was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison. When he was in the White House, President Donald Trump commuted his sentence to a year in prison.

In January 2019, Kodak admitted to false information in connection with a federal gun purchase. In February, he was arrested on a criminal sexual misconduct charge. He had been sleeping with a woman named Danielle Bregoli. According to the report, he raped the woman in a hotel room in Florence, South Carolina. The charges were later changed to sexual battery. The judge imposed a maximum of 46 months in prison on the rapper.

After the incident, a law enforcement officer responded to the scene and recognized the rapper as Bill Kapri. The responding officer then issued a cease and desist order to the rapper’s tour bus. He reportedly had 31 oxycodone tablets in the vehicle. After being arrested, the rapper was placed under house arrest.

Upon his release, the rapper faced a criminal investigation. In the course of the investigation, the FBI searched the rapper’s tour bus and found 31 oxycodone tablets and a Glock handgun. The rapper was then placed under a yearlong house arrest. He has also been arrested on several other charges. In August of 2021, he was accused of disturbing a residence. He was also charged with trespassing.

During Super Bowl week in Los Angeles, Kodak was shot in the leg. During the shooting, three others were also injured. The suspect fled the scene when police confronted him. The case was then taken to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The police incident report was presented to court. The court ruled that the gunshot wound was non-life threatening. The incident occurred outside the restaurant where Justin Bieber was having an afterparty.

In May of 2016, Kodak was arrested for a series of crimes. He was accused of assaulting a bartender in Miami. He was also arrested for allegedly biting a woman in a hotel room. He was also accused of violating his house arrest. He was ordered to serve community control supervision programs and anger management programs. The judge subsequently dropped the trespassing charge. He was also cited for marijuana possession and trafficking oxycodone.

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