LA Beast Net Worth

LA Beast, known for his catchy videos featuring food challenges, hails from Ridgewood, New Jersey and has held multiple Guinness World Records for eating competitions.

He makes money through various sources such as his YouTube channel skippy62able, social media platforms and online merchandise store – as well as appearing on television programs such as Tosh.0 and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Early Life and Education

Kevin Thomas Strahle, better known by his nickname LA Beast, is an American professional competitive eater and YouTuber renowned for his entertaining eating challenges that captivate audiences worldwide. His channel skippy62able boasts more than 1.7 million subscribers.

Foodie Sean Lee made headlines for taking part in the “Milk Chugging Challenge”, then went on to engage in various daring challenges such as downing fifty raw eggs at once and drinking ghost pepper juice without spitting it out – earning himself significant amounts of money and amassing an immense following on social media platforms like Instagram. These risks helped him earn significant sums and amass an extensive fan base.

He has appeared on various television programs such as The Doctors and Tosh, significantly increasing both his net worth and salary with each appearance.

Professional Career

La Beast (real name Kevin Thomas Strahle) rose to YouTube fame by participating in food challenges. Beginning his channel with milk chugging competitions and becoming an overnight success, La Beast went on to set multiple Guinness world records by eating bhut jolokia peppers and powdered doughnuts!

He enjoys a vast fan base who support him and enjoy watching his hilarious videos on YouTube. Additionally, he makes guest appearances on television shows like The Doctors, Tosh.0, World’s Dumbest and more which has significantly augmented his earnings and net worth. Furthermore, he earns from sponsorships and competitive eating tournaments which add another income stream for him.

Achievement and Honors

La Beast, known by his YouTube handle skippy62able, has built his brand by competing in food challenges and extreme eating stunts. His videos have amassed millions of views – which has resulted in significant revenue for him.

He has received many honors and awards, such as the 2019 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator and 2020 Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year. His humorous videos of eating food ranging from 50 raw eggs to 110 chicken nuggets are highly entertaining and highly acclaimed.

As part of his charitable acts, he has donated items to homeless shelters, veterans’ organizations and other worthy causes. He serves as an excellent example of what hard work and determination can accomplish, while serving as living proof that dedication pays off in spades!

Personal Life

LA Beast is well known for his dangerous daredevil antics when it comes to eating stunts, earning him notoriety and amassing considerable wealth as a professional eater. Yet his personal life remains shrouded in mystery.

LA Beast loves participating in crazy food challenges on YouTube, from downing an entire lemon to downing milk he never ceases to amaze his viewers with his remarkable eating skills and entertaining videos.

In 2011, Strahle was encouraged by an old college teammate to enter the competitive eating world, and has quickly become one of the world’s most celebrated food challengers. Additionally, he ran a campaign for Crystal Pepsi to return, performing songs to promote it as part of his campaign and even singing songs to do it!

Net Worth

Kevin Thomas Strahle, also known as la beast, has amassed an enormous net worth through his competitive eating career. His earnings include millions through YouTube ads, merchandise sales, and sponsorship agreements.

Born January 6, 1984 in Ridgewood, New Jersey US and well known YouTuber known for uploading food-themed challenge videos.

Skippy62able, an accomplished competitive eater who has garnered international acclaim, is known for his daring challenges that garner billions of views on YouTube and go viral quickly across different social media platforms. Skippy62able generates significant income through YouTube ads; his primary channel can garner up to 120k views in one day!

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