Lamar Adams

Lamar Adams

Lamar was one of the prominent Texas politicians during the Republic era – serving as president, Secretary of War and poet among other roles. Born in Georgia, Lamar rose quickly through political, poetic and diplomatic circles to become a key member of Texas society during that period.

After Texas gained independence, Lamar was elected the second President of the Republic. He led an effort to drive out Cherokee and Comanche tribes from Texas by engaging them in war against each.

Early Life and Education

Born in Braintree, Massachusetts, Adams attended Harvard College before entering legal practice. Additionally, he wrote extensively for Boston newspapers covering social, political and legal topics.

Adams was both a lawyer and statesman who played an influential role in the American Revolution. From 1775-1787 he served in the House of Representatives before serving on a commission responsible for negotiating the Treaty of Paris.

He quickly rose to become one of Massachusetts’ premier antislavery leaders within the Conscience Whigs and also campaigned for public education, the advancement of arts, and financing of scientific expeditions.

Lamar was elected vice president of the United States in 1835 and held this position until 1841, fighting against slavery, states’ rights, and any restrictions to civil liberties.

Achievement and Honors

Lamar Adams is well known as an artist of comic books for his work on Ben Casey comic strips and for being the creator of Deadman from Strange Adventures comic books.

He founded Continuity Associates art and illustration studio with Dick Giordano and has served as judge for both Harvey Awards and Inkwell Awards, in addition to becoming an Eisner Award Hall of Fame Member and receiving multiple accolades from various associations.

Professionally, Lamar Adams has served on various nonprofit boards such as Middlebury College’s Alumni Association and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Additionally, he currently acts as a consultant at the University of Houston.

Personal Life

Lamar Adams had an immense impact on society. He helped bridge divisions between North and South Americans.

He was an effective speaker who used his powerful rhetorical skills to persuade others. Additionally, he was an outstanding writer and avid collector of historical material.

In 1841, he was elected President of Texas and implemented an aggressive foreign policy aimed at expanding trade ties and recognition with Europe.

However, his policies were hindered by economic and political forces he couldn’t understand or control; moreover, Texas economy was on the brink of collapse.

Lamar decided to go directly to the people and explain his vote through a speaking tour, speaking at many indoor and outdoor meetings involving thousands of people across his state.

Net Worth

Lamar Adams, more commonly known by his initials Bud Adams, was an American businessman with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion at his death. After first making a fortune in oil exploration, Bud expanded his reach through sports team ownership – including owning Tennessee Titans football and helping form American Football League franchise. Furthermore, he co-founded Houston Mavericks ABA basketball franchise as well.

On June 27th 2018, he entered his plea of guilty to one count of wire fraud related to his multi-state Ponzi scheme that involved more than $100 million and hundreds of victims over multiple years. He was given 20 years in prison as well as being ordered to make full restitution for funds and assets obtained during this scheme.

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