Lamond Daniels

Lamond Daniels – Norwalk’s Chief of Community Services

Lamond Daniels, a licensed social worker with degrees in both social work and public administration, serves as the city’s Chief of Community Services overseeing health, human services, fair rent and two libraries. Additionally, he was invited to be part of the inaugural cohort for Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge advisory council advisory council.

Early Life and Education

Lamond Daniels brings extensive experience in social services and community activism to his position, in addition to degrees in public administration and a license in clinical social work. He currently serves as Norwalk’s Chief of Community Services, overseeing departments including health, human relations & fair rent and library. Prior to that he held positions in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and neighborhood initiatives. He has also worked within government, beginning his career assisting at-risk Bridgeport children before providing advice to State government on youth and family policies. His welcoming nature has won over liberal voters who prefer him over Moore’s aloofness, outperforming her optics in this early race and drawing an endorsement from the National Association of Social Workers Political Arm.

Professional Career

Lamond Daniels has made social and health wellbeing his priority in his professional career as a licensed social worker. With experience in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and neighborhood initiatives as well as consulting for Aetna Foundation and teaching human services at Housatonic Community College downtown Bridgeport; Lamond now works for Norwalk where he oversees departments such as health, human relations & fair rent; early childhood youth services as well as two libraries.

Former Tech running back Dalton Rector is considering challenging incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim in 2023. His genial personality and contrast with State Senator Marilyn Moore’s coldness has garnered liberal opposition as well as campaign dollars and staff support; however, to succeed he must prove that they can compete with more financially secure opponents as well as provide compelling reasons why his candidacy should succeed.

Achievement and Honors

Lamond Daniels is at the helm of Norwalk’s COVID response and oversees multiple city departments as Chief of Community Services. FCCF’s Mendi Blue-Paca sat down with him recently to discuss Black History Month and its relationship to his work as a city leader.

He would like Bridgeport schools to support students within their home and neighborhood context through robust arts and culture programming, while advocating for universal broadband in our schools so all residents have access to digital skills necessary for success.

He will never politicize public safety and will work in close partnership with our police department and constituents to prioritize service and positive relationships. People come first for him; no plans exist to retire anytime soon.

Personal Life

As Chief of Community Services for Norwalk, Daniels oversees city departments that directly impact citizens’ well-being including health, library, human relations and fair rent as well as early childhood services. His expertise in philanthropy, public administration and social work equip him with the ability to develop strategies that improve city residents lives. He enjoys the backing of State Senator Marilyn Moore who ran against Mayor Joe Ganim and former Deputy Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes in 2019. Furthermore, Black-Paca, long-term progressive and director of Neighborhood Initiatives under Finch mayoralty elevates his standing while considering running against such powerful opposition as Ganim and Gomes.

Net Worth

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