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Matthew Lauer – Managing Director of Lauer Wealth Management

Lauer Wealth Management, established in Chesterton and Sioux Falls respectively in Indiana and South Dakota respectively, is an investment advisory firm registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. John and his team offer comprehensive wealth management services for their clients.

An obvious indicator of entitlement underlying their predatory actions, serial harassers may feel they deserve millions in compensation as compensation for the harm caused.

Early Life and Education

Imagine waking up in a foreign land without money, language skills or family to support you – that was Rosemary Tran Lauer’s experience when she arrived without anything of their own and no family nearby to support them. By her sheer strength, bravery and resourcefulness combined with humor she managed to overcome these hurdles and build an extraordinary life for herself and her children that they never could have envisioned while fleeing their war-ravaged home country of Vietnam.

Lauer is now an esteemed co-anchor on NBC’s “Today” morning show alongside Katie Couric and successfully navigates its complex web of interviews, consumer segments and comedic bits without visible signs of discomfort. Arriving at his studio each weekday around 4:45 AM to begin reviewing briefings from overnight producers, Lauer arrives ready to start work every time he steps foot inside it.

Professional Career

Matthew serves as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) for clients with significant investments, providing investment management advice. He coordinates with his client’s staff and other trusted professionals to create an integrated approach tailored to meet their unique needs. With global experiences gained both studying abroad and living overseas, Matthew brings global perspective with stoicism philosophy and an interest in history to the industry.

Leslie specializes in serving the unique and complex needs of business owners and exceptional families, with expertise in ESOP consulting and advisory services such as exit planning, multigenerational wealth transfer strategies and asset allocation strategies.

Christy specializes in client services and team administration at our firm, having joined in 2023 after graduating from Sinclair College. She’s committed to helping clients simplify their lives so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

Achievement and Honors

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Lauer was widely respected for his ability to engage with audiences and pose insightful questions to interviewees, earning him the reputation as an exceptional journalist. He conducted high-profile interviews with politicians and dignitaries as well as reporting from numerous locations worldwide.

Lauer, as a native American, has drawn from his experiences to connect with an expansive audience and examine its intricate intricacies – while also covering an array of issues – within American society. An enduring presence in broadcasting, Lauer has left a lasting legacy and continues his passion for journalism through various pursuits like podcast series and charitable initiatives.

Personal Life

Lauer has amassed an impressive fortune through hard work and dedication, not to mention numerous charitable donations to various organizations over time. Additionally, Lauer is well-known media personality with an enormous following.

Lauer was widely respected during his time hosting Today NBC show, conducting interviews with influential individuals from all over the globe and garnering a large fan base thanks to his in-depth reporting and insightful questioning techniques.

Lauer has invested both in real estate and stocks, owning multiple luxury cars while keeping a healthy cash reserve for financial security. He owns properties both in London and New York City as well as possessing a 16,000-acre ranch in New Zealand.

Net Worth

Even amid his ongoing scandals, Matt Lauer still manages to amass an impressive net worth due to a combination of hard work and wise investment strategies. He maintains an extensive real estate portfolio as well as other valuable assets.

Lauer not only owns luxurious homes in New York and Connecticut, but he is also the proud owner of an incredible 16,000-acre ranch in New Zealand replete with breathtaking landscapes and an abundance of wildlife.

John has over 30 years of experience providing clients with customized investment planning strategies. Lauer Wealth Management was established as his wealth advisory practice in 2021. When not practicing wealth advisory services or working out, John enjoys spending time with his family and exercising. Currently living in Chesterton Indiana he lives with his wife and three children.

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