Lavinia Errico

Lavinia Errico – Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs

Lavinia Errico was the visionary behind Equinox Fitness Clubs and the Inside Out Movement. Together with her brothers, she established a world-class fitness company that revolutionized how Americans viewed health. At its zenith of success, they sold it and instantly become vastly wealthy beyond any expectations or dreams of their lives.

Early Life and Education

Lavinia Errico is a self-made millionaire who understands what it takes to achieve both professional and personal fulfillment in life. A spiritual entrepreneur, Lavinia co-founded Equinox fitness club with her brothers as she demonstrated how one can combine the grit necessary to be successful as an entrepreneur with wisdom and empathy to support others on their personal journeys. Book Lavinia as a speaker for your event by reaching out directly to CTI.

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Professional Career

Lavinia Errico is an entrepreneur, author and speaker renowned for her expertise on Values Driven Entrepreneurship, Women Led Workplaces and Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

She is in high demand as a board member, advisor, and angel investor to various startup companies. Furthermore, she frequently serves as keynote speaker at conventions, college commencements ceremonies, trade shows, charity events and more.

Spiritual Entrepreneur Lavinia Errico is a widely respected expert on how to reach peak business success while finding genuine happiness and joy in life. She provides key information and skills required for becoming the top of your industry while staying true to yourself and values while making big bucks while staying true to ones own values and visions. A gifted speaker herself, Lavinia has inspired many.

Achievement and Honors

Lavinia is an internationally acclaimed workplace and wellness entrepreneur. She offers talks on topics including developing next generation leadership, values-driven entrepreneurship, women led work environments and spiritual entrepreneurship. Lavinia also serves as board member, consultant and angel investor for various startup companies. Join host Yasmin Knouri for an empowering conversation with Lavinia as she shares her secrets for building your empire while reclaiming your self-love, boundaries and vision!

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Personal Life

Lavinia Errico is a best-selling author, founder of the Inside Out Movement and First Point Partners, nationally acclaimed workplace and wellness entrepreneur, and nationally-renowned expert on Values-Driven Entrepreneurship, Women-Led Workplaces and Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

She currently resides in an exquisite home in the luxurious suburbs of New Jersey with her husband and young children, boasting an expansive Bulthaup kitchen and two offices among many other luxurious amenities.

Errico advises aspiring entrepreneurs that in order to be successful entrepreneurs they must discover what sparks their passion, then go after it with all their dedication and grit. She frequently conveys this advice when speaking at events such as Girlboss Rally – a conference dedicated to female entrepreneurs – which often feature her. “Wishful thinking won’t get the job done; only an intense internal desire will get things underway,” says Errico.

Net Worth

Lavinia Errico has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. As founder and owner of Equinox fitness clubs, Lavinia specializes in creating luxurious facilities that cater to high-end workouts and relaxation alike – it currently operates more than 100 locations throughout the US with other brands such as Pure Yoga and SoulCycle being operated under their umbrella.

Demetria is an in-demand speaker on topics including essential truths in value-driven entrepreneurship, the future of work, developing next generation leadership, women-led businesses, spiritual entrepreneurship, keeping one’s soul intact through success and cultural shifts. She lives with Vito in what’s been nicknamed the ‘Five Star House’ in Westchester.

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