Lavosha Daniels

Lavosha Daniels, 28, and Staffone Fountain, 28, of Columbia, Missouri, Have Been Arrested

Lavosha Daniels, 28, from St. Louis has been charged with abandonment of a corpse in connection with her 4- to 5-month-old daughter Samone’s death, found at McKnight Tire near Columbia. According to reports, Daniels wrote to police claiming she fed and laid down with Samone before going back to sleep; when she awoke later and noticed an unusual position with a towel wrapped around its neck and blood coming from its mouth – she reported this information directly.

Early Life and Education

Columbia, Missouri police recently arrested Lavosha Daniels and her partner Staffone Fountain on charges of first-degree murder and abandonment of a corpse for “Baby Doe’s” remains being found inside a backpack inside a tire in 2019. Lavosha Daniels faces first-degree murder as well as abandonment charges related to Baby Doe’s decomposing remains being discovered last year in a tire.

According to a probable cause statement, Daniels was identified when she sent them a letter from a Super 8 motel, providing vital details that enabled police to positively identify both herself and her daughter who was 4 or 5 months old at the time of death.

At a hearing on Friday, Judge Kevin Crane denied Daniels bond. She appeared virtually via video feed from Boone County Jail and will return Monday for a status hearing.

Professional Career

Lavosha Daniels, an American professional and mother, is an experienced criminal attorney as well as former law enforcement officer. She holds memberships in multiple professional organizations as well as having an expansive network of friends and acquaintances. Public records reveal her involvement in several high profile cases.

Columbia Police say a letter found at a Super 8 motel helped solve their investigation of her daughter’s 2017 murder.

Personal Life

Police were aided in their identification of Baby Doe by finding a letter written by Lavosha Daniels that showed where she worked, the name and information about her daughter as well as her place of death – all found at a Super 8 motel.

Daniels provided in her probable cause statement that she and Fountain attempted CPR on their daughter before fleeing due to fear, placing their daughter’s body in a book bag that Fountain then placed at McKnight Tire.

Fountain and Daniels have both been charged with abandonment of a corpse and first-degree endangering of child welfare, respectively, and are being held at Boone County Jail pending trial. Both defendants made virtual court appearances on Monday.

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