Leanna Taylor Florence Alabama

Leanna Taylor Moves to Florence, Alabama, to Help Her Ex-Husband Get Out of Prison

Leanna Taylor, a Dallas, Alabama woman, recently relocated to Florence, Alabama, to help her former husband, Justin Ross Harris, get out of prison. After eight years of marriage, the pair divorced in March. While she has never been charged in his case, she has been named a “person of interest” in an ongoing police investigation.

Leanna Taylor reportedly told a local Channel 2 reporter that she has had difficulty coping with the loss of her 22-month-old son, Cooper, who died in a hot car. She hasn’t been able to resume work. And while prosecutors have claimed that Harris intentionally left the baby in his locked SUV, she has maintained that he was just being an enthusiastic parent and did not intend to leave his child to die.

Despite her assertion, a jury found Harris guilty of malice murder in the death of his 22-month-old son. The prosecution argued that he had a “double life” and that Cooper was getting in the way of it. He allegedly also left the kid in the hot car to avoid family obligations.

Harris’ defense lawyers claim that he acted accidentally. They maintain that he forgot to drop off Cooper at the day care when he came to work. However, the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment on this. It is unclear whether the District Attorney’s office is planning to appeal the ruling, but it has not yet been made public.

During the trial, Harris was shown several videos. One of them showed Harris teaching a toddler how to strum a guitar. Other video clips showed Harris in his workday attire, reading a book to Cooper or watching the news. A few jurors were openly laughing at some of these clips. In the video, Harris also showed off his love of music and fatherhood.

During the trial, Jason Abdo, a former co-worker of Harris’ at Home Depot, testified about his former co-worker’s love for music and fatherhood. Abdo also said that Harris’ love of children was evident. His wife and a child who lived nearby also testified.

Several jurors even laughed at a video showing a child swimming in a kiddie pool. Michael Baygents, another former co-worker of Harris, also testified about his workaholic ways, saying that he shaded the kiddie pool with a tent.

Although Leanna’s former husband has been convicted of several crimes, including sexual exploitation of a minor, she hasn’t been charged in his case. As a result, she’s become a target for the media. Even her tattoo of her son’s name is a reminder of the tragic incident.

Despite her plight, Leanna hasn’t lost her faith. Her faith was tested when her son died. She believes that the jury erred in connecting her ex’s infidelity with his death. That’s why she is still hopeful that the case will be overturned. Ultimately, she’s hoping that the media will move on from its sex-obsessed obsession and allow her to be a normal, working mom again.

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