Liam Garbowsky

Six-Year-Old Liam Garbowsky

Liam Garbowsky, aged 6, has returned home with his parents following an accident involving their zero turn mower last July that saw both feet cut off when its blades accidentally activated, necessitating 19 surgeries to clear away bone debris and conduct skin grafts to protect his wounds from infection.

Early Life and Education

Liam, who does not speak, has amazed his parents with his resilience. They credit Harrison City community with helping them through this tough time; more than $160,000 was donated into a special trust fund established for Liam to cover future medical costs; neighbors and friends provided home-cooked meals as well. All rights to this material belong exclusively to WTAE/CNNEwsource; it may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or redistributed without their express written permission.

Achievement and Honors

He boasts many followers on Twitter and is very active on other Social Media accounts, regularly updating them with latest tweets or posting statuses and tweets on his account.

Liam’s parents are inspired by his emotional and physical resilience, and are so appreciative of all of the support from the community; raising more than $160,000 towards Liam’s medical expenses in this process.

Garbowsky was born and raised in South Plainfield, New Jersey. After graduating high school he attended Seton Hall University where his band, Level Zero won campus battle of bands competition. Additionally he worked as music producer. Lois and Robert Garbowsky raised him alongside one sister: Juliann.

Personal Life

He is known as an outspoken vegan and has been featured in PETA ads. Additionally, he is an esteemed bassist who has played with numerous acclaimed mathcore bands, such as The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Liam and his family have received overwhelming community support; over $160,000 has been pledged toward Liam’s medical expenses through donations made directly in his name and placed in a trust fund under Liam’s name.

Liam Wilson was born during the Year of the Goat, which symbolizes entrepreneurialism and ambition. People born under this sign tend to be traditional in nature but remain focused on reaching their goals in life; possessing great self-discipline they may make significant strides in their professional careers with hard work.

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