Ligurian Olive

Ligurian Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the cornerstones of Ligurian cuisine, used extensively for both dishes and aperitifs alike.

Dietary fiber is also an indispensable addition to a balanced diet: it promotes satiety while supporting digestive processes in the gut.

Discover how DOP Riviera Ligure oil is produced at Roi’s “ecological” mill and learn to taste and compare various oils.

Early Life and Education

Ligurian olives have become internationally acclaimed representatives of Ligurian agri-food tradition. Used extensively as the centerpiece ingredient in some of Liguria’s signature dishes such as rabbit prepared with Ligurian techniques or Levantine cod, olives are a crucial element of regional cuisine.

Taggiasca olives were first brought to Liguria by Benedictine monks during the 14th century and quickly gained widespread acclaim due to their distinctive taste and versatility; loved by everyone for both eating directly or as ingredients in various recipes.

Liguria offers an unforgettable culinary journey, beginning from its magnificent mountains and meandering along its picturesque coastline, lined with tiny coves and beaches with fine golden sand beaches. Here, diversity comes together, creating a rich and varied offer that makes every trip to Liguria memorable.

Professional Career

Ligurian olive oil boasts a delicate taste that doesn’t overshadow other flavors, making it the perfect ingredient to elevate simple Mediterranean recipes to new levels of elegance.

Cristina Santagata and Federico work for their family-owned olive oil company in Genoa, Italy. Together they manage the international markets of their company while also specializing in Taggiasca olives.

The Taggiasca olive was first developed centuries ago by Benedictine monks in Taggia. This cultivar makes an excellent extra virgin olive oil and table olive, boasting low acidity with sweet fruity flavour – perfect for serving at an aperitivo platter or accompanying bruschetta!

Achievement and Honors

Since ancient times, Ligurian cooking has featured Taggiasca olives as an icon. Their subtle flavors enhance rather than obscure food’s original flavors – which makes them the ideal complement to simple local fare such as fish and vegetables.

At the frantoio owned by the Armato family of Alassio, ancient Taggiasca olive groves are lovingly taken care of by experienced olive growers and then processed at the mill using stone presses into Riviera Ligure DOP extra virgin olive oil.

Oil from this monocultivar product boasts a vibrant straw yellow hue and light fruity aroma with spicy notes and almond fragrances, earning the Protected Designation of Origin as proof of its superior quality. Perfect as a base for cocktails and salads as well as main courses featuring meat or fish dishes.

Personal Life

Ligurian olives are famed for their delicate taste. Preserved in brine with water and salt, these olives can be added to meat and fish dishes or used to enhance martinis or antipasti spreads.

At Varignano Villa in Liguria, olive trees were an integral part of Roman agriculture. Today, their oil mill (torcularium) bears testament to the long tradition of cultivating this prized fruit in Liguria.

Ligurian olives boast an exquisite, delicate flavour that enhances but does not overshadow food, making it the ideal pairing with simple cuisine featuring fresh fish and vegetables as we have today here in Liguria. Therefore, olive oil plays a central role in local dishes like trenette pasta, filled pansoti, rabbit cooked Ligurian-style or the famous Amatriciana sauce.

Net Worth

Taggiasca olives are among the most acclaimed Ligurian olive varieties, widely considered to be some of the tastiest and flavorful olives available worldwide.

Local farmers harvest olives manually due to landscape constraints that do not permit large areas suitable for machine harvesting of olives. Furthermore, this manual process protects trees and their native songbird populations while simultaneously sparing the trees from damage caused by machines.

Olive oil from Liguria is revered, earning itself the Denominazione di Origin Protected certification. Ligurian extra virgin olive oil boasts fruity and zesty characteristics that balance perfectly on the tongue; making it a true icon of Italian regional tradition and adding it to dough, salad or fish dishes will guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience.

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