Lil Windex Net Worth

Lil Windex Net Worth – Dylan Godfrey

Dylan Godfrey, better known by his stage name LIL WINDX is an internationally acclaimed Canadian rapper known as LIL WINDex. He describes himself as an innovative trap music recording artist and hip hop icon; American rapper Young Thug being his idol.

Cleanin Up was released as his debut single in 2017 and quickly rose in popularity, followed by San Pellegrino and Bitcoin Ca$h as other popular tracks. He makes money off ads appearing on his YouTube channel.

Early Life and Education

Born in British Columbia on 22nd September 1992, he is a rapper and social media influencer known for creating viral videos on YouTube. Additionally, he is well-regarded comedian with a large following on Facebook and Instagram.

He began his rap career in 2017 with the release of ‘Clearin Up’ on YouTube which amassed over one million views within days and immediately established him as an iconic musician in his field. It received immense positive feedback and earned instant fame amongst audiences around the globe.

In 2018, he released another single called ‘Bitcoin Ca$h’ which gained much acclaim and allowed him to earn significant revenue, giving him confidence to continue rapping on tracks such as FMU, San Pellegrino Mill & I Just.

Professional Career

Lil Windex is a Canadian rapper best known for his comedic skits on YouTube. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician who has released many singles and mixtapes over time – his music being heavily influenced by trap music, with collaborations with some of the leading artists of today’s industry.

His debut song “Cleanin Up,” earned millions of views on YouTube. Subsequent releases such as Bitcoin Ca$h, I Just Mill P$A received rave reviews from fans.

Windex was born September 22nd 1992 in Mission, Canada. He stands 5ft6inches and weighs 60kgs, having earned significant wealth through rapping. Additionally, his online following is vast.

Achievement and Honors

Lil Windex has made his mark online through social media posts and videos that are both humorous and entertaining. His engaging content has amassed him an avid following on Facebook; additionally he has released several music videos.

Cleanin Up’ became an instantaneous hit and quickly thrust him into the limelight. Since then, he has released other singles such as FMU, Mill, P$A and I Just.

Dylan Godfrey, commonly referred to by his stage name Lil Windex is a well-recognized Canadian rapper renowned for his humorous yet satirical lyrics.

His YouTube channel has generated him an impressive sum, especially from viral videos. Additionally, he is an aspiring singer and has collaborated with multiple artists.

Personal Life

Lil Windex, also known by his real name Dylan Godfrey and living in British Columbia, has quickly gained the attention of internet audiences with his humorous and satirical videos that have gone viral online. Dylan enjoys making music as well as spending time with his family.

Lil Windex first began posting YouTube videos in 2017, quickly becoming known for his unique style and wit. His first single, ‘Cleanin Up,’ garnered over one million views online to establish himself and build his character. His 2018 release, ‘Bitcoin Ca$h,’ garnered even greater media coverage. During a recent interview, his main aim is to provide his family with a promising future and spend as much time with them as possible.

Net Worth

Dylan Godfrey, better known by his stage name Lil Windex, rose to prominence with the release of “Cleanin Up” in 2017. It served as a statement against mediocrity within modern music industry.

Dylan has amassed an extensive following thanks to his social media presence and various comedy genres he’s performed. Fans commonly refer to him as “Lil Windex.” DTGtv was established in July 2016, producing several highly entertaining comedy videos since.

He has collaborated with other artists on multiple singles, such as San Pellegrino and Bitcoin Ca$h, and boasts a flair that rivals that of the mumble rap generation; often seen wearing outfits featuring gold chains and grillz.

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